Ever Sunneva (Eversunneva)

A Filipina living in Thailand.

On her Instagram she lists herself as 138cm—about 4½ feet tall. That seems a little hard to believe. If it’s true it ranks her among our tiniest sirens. She’s big on bikinis, loves the beach and is a chef. Do we need much more than that? Here’s her Instagram and Tiktok.



  1. Avatar of Seems

    Whoa! That is one gorgeous little package! She could use some better photography but she’s lovely!

  2. Avatar of arf

    She is pretty wonderful! Geez….look at them buns.

  3. Ralph’s avatar

    From the waist up shes fantastic

  4. Avatar of smellykev

    Ralph wrote:
    From the waist up shes fantastic

    What the hell is wrong with the waist down?? I don’t need to keep checking AS now. I think I have found my dream girl. I just hope she likes flabby hairy middle-aged baddies with no money….

  5. Avatar of MaJieMao

    Ralph wrote:
    From the waist up shes fantastic

    I agree, I’m not a fan of long butts and over wide hips.

  6. Avatar of Seems

    We all have our preferences, but I find her “thicc” in a good way. A very good way! I’d be happy to put those hips to good use, and those buns too!

  7. Avatar of wingsfan19


    Nah, hoping she likes the even older ones.