We don’t know much about this fitnesstrainer_63.

Her name is Nicha and she’s a personal trainer and is a certified Muay Thai trainer as well, with some medals to back her up. Now obviously she’s a little older than a great majority of our sirens, but how old? Maybe mid to late 30s or, since Asian girls can fool you, could she be mid-40s? And do we care?




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    I’d throw down on the mat with her.

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    This little piggy looooves her backside….but will need some photos that reveal much more in order to make a better informed decision on wether or not she is 40+. (I doubt it, more like 35.)

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    Late 30s? Mid 40s? Do I care??? Absolutely not. I love me an Asian MILF!! WOW

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    She is in awesome shape and is very pretty but looks kind of sad in most of her pics. Her smile is beautiful, she should use it more.

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    Beautiful, fit, a little older, Ms. Nicha is a perfect match for me!

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    Love that last image on the kayak!

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    Wouldn’t mind waking up next to her every morning. Her Instagram isn’t up anymore btw

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    I don’t know how old this beautiful lady is, but I do know she’s not 63 nor was she born in 1963!