Bree Wales Covington (arikatamodoki)

Firstly we have to start off with the name.

Bree Wales Covington does’t exactly conjure up images of the Orient. Her Instagram has the Singapore flag on it but on her TikTok it has the Indonesian. And then there’s ‘Meancreature’. But wait, all that stuff is gone and now there’s a new Instagram and Twitter with the arikatamodoki moniker and the flag of, I believe, Turkey. We are confused which is not unusual. It may all change before this post goes up. This girl is a conundrum, but… she’s a conundrum with big, beautiful breasts. On to the breasts, er, pics.




  1. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    That is indeed a very impressive pair. It’s a shame she only smiles in one of these pics though, as I think she looks much nicer that way.

  2. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    I don’t want to be rude, but looking at her pictures (and not just her chest) my feelings towards her are purely sexual. No need to talk, no need to smile, no need to wear fancy clothes. Straight to what matters.

  3. Avatar of Mkick

    epic boobs, clearly, but so not pretty at alll

  4. Avatar of Woody-Alien

    Something must have happened again, because Instagram is private, Twitter is down and the Facebook account has only 2 photos from 2019 and nothing else.
    Anyway I have no real interest in Lord Mountbatten Paddington here, she looks so artificial and similar to countless other Instagram bikini/lingerie models.

  5. Avatar of Seems


    I have to concur.

  6. Staffy’s avatar

    At last call she would be very nice looking.

  7. Avatar of DeepSky

    Ms. Bree has an great body and some amazing breasts. I find her very attractive, and she would be a standout not only at last call, but any call. I do agree that a few more smiles would transform her into something really special.

  8. Avatar of MaJieMao

    In the photo she smiling she looks thousand times better than the others.

  9. Avatar of arf

    Her cheeks in that last shot says it all for me. Deelish.