Manyo is a fashion model and blogger from Seoul.

She may also push cosmetics but I can’t be sure as my Korean is a tad on the rusty side. I kind of go back and forth on these Korean models—just when I think I’m out they pull me back in… with their large, enhanced breasts. Maybe it’s gravitational.




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    Korean ladies … I don’t care how enhanced, I enjoy each and every picture of Manjo. Her face, her breasts, her legs and that ass in a swimsuit or in leather pants. She looks like an amusement park to me :)

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    I agree. Korean women are wonderful.

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    Yeah….they are quite magnificent! those buns too.

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    These Asian fem-bots keep getting better and better, they almost look human now. The only thing that gives them away, is the eye’s. They just can’t quite get the eyes right; they still have that glassy eyed look to them. It’s a wonder what they’ve been able to do with modern technology. In just a few more years, we might not be able to tell the difference.

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    You nailed in Chicken, She is an asian Disney World. Not real but delightful.

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    All I usually see of Korean women are like manyo here. I started getting worried that they all get put in the same mold over there but then I watched Sweet Home on Netflix. If you want to see some really good looking, natural, Korean women you should check that show out. Korean women don’t need so much surgery. They’re naturally hot.

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    Uh, no thanks.

    thanks for the suggestion.

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    I think Manjo is great. I love her thin, enhanced body. I agree that some of the Korean models have gone too far into the mannequin look, but I think Manjo stops well short of that point.

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    Silly question….Is your first name Dennis? I knew an O’Grady stationed in Okinawa way back in the day.

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    I love the Korean ladies…but this one appears to be ‘shopped up. Waist? Not a fan of over the top breast enhancements. Too bad. :(

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    Ha. No, ogrady came from a jerk that didn’t read my name tag right. He called me ogrady when he complained to my boss about me.

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    manyo is much less fembot looking than most of the Korean models we see here.