Hanna is a professional fashion, lingerie and cosplay model working out of California.

That’s from her Instagram, which also tells us, I guess, she likes food, pets and travel. She’s also the founder of Hana Bunny Inc. I have no idea what that is. She looks to be a pretty healthy girl, fairly wide of hip so the up top stuff balances it out. She has a Patreon, but I don’t think it gets too spicy.




  1. Avatar of Luke

    She covers all my favourite fields but doesn’t quite hit the sweet spot for me. Good on her though, I hope she has a lot of success.

  2. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    Wow! But not my kind of wow

  3. Avatar of Woody-Alien

    I guess that “CEO of Hana Bunny Inc.” is just a fancier way of saying “I’m my own boss”.
    I always confuse her with the similarly curvy Bunny Ayumi, who is another ero-cosplayer and gamer, though she is fully American. Is Hana half-Japanese?

  4. Ed’s avatar

    I think she may be Viet.
    Judging from past and present photos, I think she does that fat transfer procedure like Rinnie Riot.

  5. Avatar of arf

    It’s funny ….I called my philipina girlfriend Cha, almost the same name Hunny Bunny for the past couple years. She never liked it though. Boooo! We broke up now…I guess never call your significant or insignificant other that.

  6. Avatar of allthingsgood

    Practically perfect in every way!!!

  7. diend’s avatar

    Try to search for “Hanna Bunny Photoshop”. She’s a bit infamous for egregious photo edits to her face and body.

  8. Avatar of wingsfan19

    You’re no bunny til some bunny loves you, you’re no bunny til some bunny cares.

  9. Avatar of wingsfan19

    I’m really not into cosplay (except for sexy librarian).