Shar (ohshawr)

Shar Ilar makes clothes and art and is an aspiring nurse/pharmacy tech in California.

No declared ethnicity on this Instagram model. The best guess is probably Filipina, as her surname appears in about every 109K people there. The next closest country is Saudi Arabia at 191K. [I’d go with Saudi myself. —the Doc]

What appeals to me about Shar is that her photos convey a lack of pretentiousness. She just seems like a regular girl. She makes some goofy faces and has an easy smile. Very appealing IMHO.




  1. Avatar of smellykev

    Wow. Just don’t dress her up as a bar code/zebra again. In every other photo she is FINE!

  2. arpy’s avatar

    I get the same vibe as RW.

    Possibly her family is from Mindanao.

  3. Stephen R Puckett’s avatar

    If from So Cal, she could be Khmer ( Cambodian ) as she looks so much like many of the beautys here…also the singlr sylable name is another sign ??? Gorgeous !!!

  4. Avatar of arf

    She looks pretty wonderful to me….someone i wouldn’t mind spending my day with for sure

  5. Avatar of wingsfan19

    No matter what her ethnicity is, she’s hot.