Nicole Doshi

Someone suggested Nicole but I can’t remember who it was.

I think the deal was I already had her in the ‘to do’ folder when her name came up. I think I was under the impression she was a model. She’s more than that. Much more, as the videos on her Twitter will attest.

Nicole is Chinese. I take it she was born there and moved to the US at some point. You have to love a girl who has an inspirational quote from the great philosopher Gene Simmons on their homepage. She has an Amazon wish list on her page as well but a warning, the Personal Cordless Rechargeable USB Waterproof Powerful Magic Wand Massager with 10 Speeds Sǔckìng Tōy gspèt vǐbrǎtór G Spǒt for Muscle Aches Sports Recovery only got 1¼ stars.




  1. Stephen R Puckett’s avatar

    Absolutely lovely, graceful and stoic , beautiful smooth body. I’ve seen this type of face a few times before and I find it attractive, I almost married a Chinese girl with a similar face in fact…perhaps that’s why.

  2. Ricco’s avatar

    Oh my, I am mesmerized. She is a lovely lovely woman. Nicole has classically beautiful Chinese features. Her body is unbelievably hot. I would say you have found a woman of fantasy.

  3. Avatar of wingsfan19

    She kinda looks like Adam Driver to me. but with a much better body haha!

  4. John Smith’s avatar

    She also is active on Reddit and has her own sub:

    Her user profile (has more activity than her sub)

  5. V’s avatar

    Her manyvids is legit. highly recommend a peek

  6. Avatar of starchild

    I am a big fan of hers and I have been for a while now! Great feature!!

  7. Avatar of LoveAsianTits

    If you like these pics you should see her videos. Some of the hottest I’ve ever seen.