I know what you’re thinking. “Hey! This isn’t the South Korean TV Presenter, Radio Host, and former news anchor!”

There are a lot of Moons in our orbit but no, it’s not. This Moon is a national certified Pilates teacher.

Moon had planned to be a ballerina but a car accident at age 26 injured her badly enough to make that dream impossible. She turned to Pilates to heal her body and is now known in Korea as ‘The Queen Of Pilates’, with her own studio and celebrity clients. She’s been teaching Pilates since 2004, which means if she got into it after she was injured, she has to be in her early 40s. I love Asian women.

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  1. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    I might have followed her for some time on Instagram, but then again I might have been following someone else that has a similar name and looks more or less the same.

    Her body is tighter than the bolts of a submarine, and her face is “Korean cutie” … I’d love to share a bed regularly with her

  2. Avatar of budweiser

    Wow that first photo, im thinking her naked on the floor pour a pint of milk over her ,empty the box of muesli all over her, thats what i would call the perfect breakfast, mmmmmm

  3. Avatar of egg

    Do you think if I showed her my moon…?

    Yeah, you’re right, she’d call the cops just like all the others.

  4. Seoul Music’s avatar

    Is naked Pilates a thing? I’d like to watch.