Minami Hoshino

Well, there are a few Hoshinos (Minami and otherwise) to choose from (aren’t there always?), but we’ll go with the one with the big breasts.

Our Minami (born 1994/8/15) is a gravure Idol. Bio-wise I didn’t find much on her, but looking at her tells a story in itself. Short, but not too short at 5’3″ (160cm), she’s got all the curves you could ask for at 35-23-33″ (90-59-85cm) and, I think, a quite attractive face, with perhaps just a whisper of naughtiness flashing across her countenance from time to time. I could be reading in the naughtiness part. To the photos!


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    Please wrap her carefully and courier her to my private address. Thank you!

  2. Avatar of arf

    Howabout a Yes!

  3. Ricco’s avatar

    Oh yes! she is gorgeous

  4. Avatar of Bulaga

    Wow she is very nice.

  5. Avatar of Woody-Alien

    Uh, I think there was a mistake… I don’t think Minami Hoshino and this HOSHINO are the same person. There was probably a mistake in the Listal page you linked that put together pics of the two girls. I made a topic about her in the forum some time ago, so maybe you can take more links and info from there.

    By the way it’s very interesting that by chance the thing I wrote under the Minori Inudo post happened: I asked for HOSHINO to be posted and now (after Tomomi Morisaki, Rina Hashimoto and Aya Hazuki) the band is finally complete! 8)

  6. Avatar of Tbone

    I believe this model simply goes by Hoshino, and not Minami Hoshino.

    Minami Hoshino is a singer in the idol group Nogizaka46.