Dr. Sandra Lee (Dr. Pimple Popper)

Here’s a bit of a different lane from which our sirens usually reside.

The attractive Dr. Lee (and, just so there’s no confusion, I’m speaking of our siren), born 1970/12/20, is a celebrity dermatologist. Her Chinese Singaporean father was also a dermatologist. Her mom is Malaysian Chinese. She began uploading videos of herself performing procedures to YouTube after videos posted on her Instagram began making noise. That led to her own show on the US’s TLC Channel, where she regularly removes the most disgusting things from people’s bodies. From stuff that looks like rotten oatmeal to things that resemble a chicken breast, it’s real train wreck TV. Her expertise has become so popular that a host of imitators are ‘popping’ up.

Oh, and she can play classical guitar.




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    Scary , not my style (sorry)

  2. Kanye West’s avatar

    Azn DoKKKtor be thicc, yo!!!

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    She could pop my pimple any time!

  4. Stephen R Puckett’s avatar

    A beautiful middle aged woman, her white guy husband looks 10 years younger than her, she must still have “it” . Thanks for a little cleavage and almost sexy pics !

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    Sir Horace Walpole,

    You are incorrect sir.

  7. Avatar of PerthMike

    I think she holds her age well, as do many Asian women. I would love to see photos of her when she was younger but even now I find her very attractive.
    Considering my age, if I met her on a blind date I would think I hit the jackpot

  8. Avatar of Tbone

    Come on guys, do we really need these mean spirited comments?

    She may very well be reading these comments you know, it’s not the case of an obscure model/personality from some far away Asian country.

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    I have to agree, particularly:

    Sir Horace Walpole,

    You’d better have some actual proof before making claims like that with such certainty, apart from the simple disrespect of your comments. This isn’t your first warning either. Farewell.

  10. Don’s avatar

    She is trying to stay in the game, kudos.

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    Dr. Lee



    I have to agree, also, particularly:

    Sir Horace Walpole,

    Go away, you horrible man. This is definitely a woman. I’d be happy to shower with her and wouldn’t be scared at all.

  12. Collin McKinney’s avatar

    im 62 and she rings my bells i think shes drop dead gorgeous.