Aileen Ahe

Time for a MetArt girl.

Aileen is listed in at least one place as an adult model and a porn star. There’s no doubt about the adult model part of that equation but about the porn star bit I’m not so sure. First seen around 2008, her status at this time is unknown. A delicious, tiny Filipina morsel.

DOB: 1990/1/1
Height: 4’11″ (150cm)
Measurements: 31B-24-32″ (78-61-81cm)

MetArt 1
MetArt 2



  1. Avatar of Seems

    Well, she’s moderately attractive, but I just don’t find anything sexy about the pics – the gynecological photos the least of all. Oftentimes, leaving a little to the imagination is much sexier. Bottom line is she needs a good photographer. Sorry I can’t be more positive.

  2. Eric’s avatar

    I agree that better photographer would make her look sexier and more beautiful. At the time I bet more men would like her

  3. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    I’m sure she could seduce if I saw her dressing sexy in a bar, for example. These pictures are not that appealing though.
    I am seeing the last picture while I write this and it looks like cheap sex to me. She was not lucky with her photographer.

  4. Avatar of Luke

    I dunno, I like the nude pictures. A better photographer would, of course help. She looks very familiar to me. She has a large forehead and should consider a fringe or hairstyle that doesn’t emphasise it.

  5. Avatar of wingsfan19

    I like the rear end poses! But yeah, she could have used a better photographer.

  6. MonkeySpanker’s avatar

    A very inviting vulva.