Hannah should appeal to a number of the brethren.

Hannah is a lovely South Korean model whose modeling bailiwick seems to be car shows, duties as a ring girl and a racing model. She’s also worked as an ambassador for products and won the Best Model Award for the Korea Fashion Designers Association. Quite fit, she looks to be a fairly tall drink of water as well. It all works for me.



  1. Avatar of Seems

    Sorry, but WAY too much work done on this one. She does have lovely, long legs.

  2. Don’s avatar

    She does have her high points.

  3. Balgor’s avatar

    Ehhh, typical South Korean model with way too many aftermarket parts. I don’t mind the help of a surgeon here and there, but I like my women somewhat natural.

  4. Marc’s avatar

    Video proof of life would be helpful.

  5. Avatar of PerthMike

    Well, I think she looks gorgeous and sexy. Yes, some work, Yes, some photo shopping and kudos to her (from these shots anyway) to keeping her clothes on.
    Sure I’d love to see her naked but sometimes it can spoil the overall effect for a model and lose some mystery.

  6. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    With her I wouldn’t care much about anything but the bangin’ …

  7. Avatar of DeepSky

    Ms. Hanna may have a few aftermarket parts, but she has a much more natural look than many of the Korean models. I really like the final product; she’s a really pretty, hot, sexy young woman, and I welcome her to the HH.

  8. Avatar of ssn


    That’s funny!

  9. Avatar of Lord-Clayton-Smedley

    Porcelain, v-lift, identikit girl. This is for people with a sexual fetish for mannequins. Nothing natural, sexy or attractive.

  10. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Sir Horace Walpole,

    Thankfully that’s just your opinion.

  11. Avatar of arf

    sexy leggy and yummy! that’s my opinion

  12. Avatar of DeepSky

    Sir Horace Walpole wrote:
    Porcelain, v-lift, identikit girl. This is for people with a sexual fetish for mannequins. Nothing natural, sexy or attractive.

    Sir Horace,

    I find this unnecessarily insulting and disrespectful not only to Ms. Hanna, but also to any forum members (including me) that do in fact find her sexy and attractive.

  13. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    Sir Horace Walpole,

    Call me whatever, I still like her!

  14. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Sir Horace Walpole,

    Your comments are pushing it. Also, I must say that what you describe is actually completely natural from an evolutionary perspective: we are attracted to archetypes, which is what pushes human evolution toward a more ideal physical form. And technology is actually making that archetype a reality.

  15. Avatar of wingsfan19

    A bit more artificial than I prefer but again, beggars can’t be choosers.

  16. Avatar of Seems

    Dr. Lee,

    That would depend on what archetype one finds ideal, which I don’t think you can generalize. I don’t think Sir Horace’s comments were well framed, but I understand the sentiment. It’s well documented that one of the problems in creating an android or artificial face is that they look too perfect, which makes them look creepy to the human eye. That’s the reaction I get to these “mannequin” models. As I’ve said before, if you like that sort of thing, more power to you, but don’t generalize your preferences onto everyone else. Different strokes for different folks.

  17. Avatar of Romanticwarrior


    If I may insert myself, Sir Horace’s sentiments are clear. It was his way of stating those sentiments that is the problem. He clearly said the look of the model was for people with a sexual fetish for manikins and that there was nothing natural, sexy or attractive about her. THAT is generalizing and projecting your preferences onto everyone else. Unintentionally or not, that’s insulting to the model and to the readers. All you need to do is state “not my cup of tea” or some variation there of and you’ll be fine.

  18. Avatar of Seems


    I completely agree – live and let live. Gawk and let gawk!

  19. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    That doesn’t negate what I said. Biological evolution strives for perfection, but can never actually achieve it in reality—living beings are always flawed (and sometimes even those ‘flaws’ can turn out to be advantageous and drive further evolution). The thing that creeps us out about androids is that they actually are perfect, which we (correctly) perceive as unnatural.

  20. Avatar of Seems

    Dr. Lee,

    I’m not trying to negate anything, just simply stating that I perceive this particular look as unnatural and, well, not my cup of tea!

  21. TrippF’s avatar

    I wish there were more posts like this. She is so yummy and playful. Dr. Lee, I have bee very supportive of most of your post but on this one, I think you are wrong.