Lana Pha

Lana is one of our infrequent sirens of Lao ancestry.

Since growing up in Georgia, Lana has moved around a bit as she’s started her modeling career in LA and Vegas, and is now studying fashion in New York City. A quite striking young woman, I was really getting into going through her photos then… Uh Oh. Yes, Lana apparently had an encounter with a needle which left a mark. That’s unfortunate, but we still nominate her for the Lao wing of the HH.

Age: 22
Height: 5’2″ (157cm)
Weight: 105lbs (48kg)
Measurements: 32D-24-32″ (81-61-81cm)

Model Mayhem



  1. Avatar of Luke

    Hot damn! Way to represent.

    I dislike the between the boobs tattoo’s it almost requires getting completely covered in order to get it to make sense in my personal opinion. Lana however is so sexy she pulls it off.

  2. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    Even though I recognise and admire her assets, she doesn’t trigger anything special in me. Sorry …

  3. gunnar’s avatar

    someone will have to explain to me if there is a law in the usa for asian immigrants or second generations to get tattooed, because this trend is sure everywhere and disturbing

  4. Avatar of skooler


    Agree with you 100%. She is almost perfect… she has all the traits that make S.E.A. females soooooo attractive. That said, the under-breast tattoos are unfortunate.

  5. Avatar of arf

    oh yeah…me likey!

  6. Avatar of wingsfan19


    It ain’t just Asians, they’re everywhere.