Katya Aivazova

The first picture I saw of Katya Aivazova, I thought I had found a sexy Russian girl who appeared to have a hint of Asian about her.

I was mistaken. Katya must have been squinting, as further investigation revealed a Caucasian lady who if anything probably has Nordic roots. She was however undeniably beautiful and had plenty of nudes. While her appearance in the Hallowed Halls is on a technicality, I’m sure most of you will forgive me this indulgence. For those who want to see more, there’s extensive galleries at the bottom of this Reddit post.



  1. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    I confess that the first pictures were not impressing me much, but as I was scrolling down and her clothes started to disappear …. wah! What a woman!
    Don’t touch her, don’t modify anything! Keep her as she is. And take hundreds and thousands of pictures for the rest of us to admire.

  2. Balgor’s avatar

    I don’t see any asian in her, but holy cr@p I do not care when a model is as sexy as this one!

  3. Avatar of taipan

    Luke, you’re forgiven! Looking at the Reddit links, you were certainly spoilt for choice in selecting the few images for this post. She is an experienced photographic model and the benefit of working with photographers who know how to shoot nudes is clearly obvious looking at the quality on display in the Reddit links. Just superb!!!

  4. Eric’s avatar

    perfect body.. i prefer asian girls but sometimes western girls are also welcome.

  5. John O’s avatar

    Holy Moley Bagoley! Stunning! I don’t think any man with a pulse would be too wrapped up in where the passport was from if this one showed up!

  6. gunnar’s avatar

    wow, nice, good job luke! :D

  7. Avatar of maruchiman

    you can’t eat filet mignon everyday so this is a nice change up……….

  8. Stephen R Puckett’s avatar

    Beautiful however, Mr. Spock has more Asian in him :D

  9. Avatar of arf

    she is pretty perfect!!! those legs are shaped just right

  10. Avatar of smellykev

    Stephen R Puckett wrote:
    Beautiful however, Mr. Spock has more Asian in him :D

    I have long suspected Vulcans are in fact the descendents of early Asian astronauts. Explains why they are good at maths.

  11. Avatar of Tbone

    Guys, non-asian women are featured on here from time to time, nothing wrong with that, so no need to make the usual comments along the lines that she doesn’t look asian, etc.

    ALL hot women are welcome here. But I definitely notice a distinct lack of the occasional black woman on here (outside of those that are half black/half asian). Hey, if we’re going to have an occasional treat on here, might as well be diverse too, no?

    Anyways, back to the regularly scheduled program.

  12. Joe Dirt’s avatar

    The comments about her not being Asian strike me as ignorant. You all do know that Russia and the former Soviet states is in Asia, right? That not everyone from Asia looks Chinese, Japanese and Korean, right?

  13. Tripp’s avatar

    Thanks, Joe Dirt for clarifying this for them. I had the same thoughts. Unfortunately, “Asian” is only Far East Asian to the peeps on this Blog. People look at a map. To me, the western parts of Asia have some of the most beautiful women. Just ask Chingus Khan.

  14. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Absolutely beautiful!