Putu, possibly Diah Putu is a girl from Hegre Art.

Petter Hegre has devoted his career to photographing exotic women in exotic locales, credit to him. I admire his tenacity and devotion to the cause. His site is full of gorgeous women and nice photos, as well as a whole bunch of videos. I haven’t paid to cross the wall but from this side the grass looks very green.

Testament to his epic archives is the amount of images floating around various places on the internet—which is where I found Putu, a glorious Balinese treasure. The pictures look a little dated to me and I really don’t know much more about the beautiful lady. Thankfully we have these pictures to enjoy. :D



  1. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    Bali has given me some of my most memorable pleasure times. I didn’t know about the beauty and open, welcoming attitude of the Balinese women until I flew there for the first time.

    Putu is -once again at AS- a very good example of what I mean. Beautiful, sexy, hot, gorgeous … I run out of words. I just wish I could be with her on the bed I see on the last picture.

  2. Pyle1’s avatar

    Oh hell yes. I would trade a dozen Instagram influencers for Putu.

  3. John-o’s avatar

    Wow. I can now confirm the sale of my soul…
    Seriously, a woman this beautiful could “put u” in danger of losing more than your way! Well done!

  4. Avatar of Seems

    Fully agree with my brethren above. I’m not sure the pics really do her justice, but she is one slender, sexy morsel.

  5. Ta ta inspector’s avatar

    Natural, beautiful, absolutely delicious. I would love to lick her pussy and ass til she cums

  6. Avatar of arf

    Ta ta inspector,

    omg!…I’m glad you went first, because that’s exactly what I was thinking! she is lovely and so tropically delicious

  7. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Just uploaded a couple of photos of Putu to my gallery. I’m not sure where I found them.

  8. Avatar of jabooty

    If we ever send another Voyager probe to space Putu should be the naked woman they carve onto the golden record.

    Oh, and speaking of probe…

  9. Avatar of smellykev

    Oh Yes yes YES!!!!!! Absolute stunner. And if anybody even suggests she needs enhancements up top, I will personally hunt them down and kick them as hard as I can in the scrotum. Several times.

    I love a little handful of boobs like this. In my experience (although I know I need more research … for the sake of science), little boobs are far more sensitive than big ones. Meaning a couple of nipple kisses and she’s open for business. Big boobs require far more motorboating. Not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing either, but I love the perky handfuls.

    Love this lady.

  10. Avatar of IeatCows

    Enchanting exotic Goddess.

  11. Avatar of arf

    looks like we got a winner here for sure

  12. Avatar of wingsfan19


    I can think of one enhancement she needs up top — me!

  13. Avatar of smellykev

    wingsfan19 wrote:

    I can think of one enhancement she needs up top — me!

    Righto. Several kicks to the scrotum coming your way!!. She’s mine!! ALL MINE!!!

  14. Avatar of wingsfan19


    Don’t worry, there’d be no scrotum left to kick if my wife found out.

  15. Bob tress’s avatar

    Nice confident, natural amateur vibe. I like