Natasha Zouves

Natasha Zouves was a request courtesy of Marky12, thank you Sir!

He offered the following vital information:

Birth Place: San Francisco, CA
Ethnicity: Chinese (Mother), Greek (Father)

Graduate from the University of Southern California. Natasha Zouves is a Broadcast Journalist, Reporter and News Anchor Woman for the KGO-TV (ABC7 news) in San Francisco.

Natasha would have been a worthy entry in the sexy news readers post from a while back. Unfortunately I don’t get ABC7 news, but if I did I can guarantee I would tune in daily for an update from the stunning Natasha and her beautiful big eyes. There is not enough Greek/Chinese girls out there IMHO, if someone could sort that out. Thanks Marky!


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    Natasha was a journalist in San Diego before coming to KGO San Francisco. She was the sexiest news caster in the San Diego area. She is a welcome addition to KGO. Beautiful lady, incredibly well dressed, with a bubbly personality. A favorite. She works in the morning news slot with Reggie Aqui. Great team. She is a wonderful, charming lady.

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    quite lovely

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    She’s a cutie…and then some! Love those eyes!

  5. Avatar of tiger

    Very watchable Newscaster. 8)