So was a contestant in the US version of the reality game show Survivor.

And, like so many attractive Asian women on these types shows, she was the very first one voted off. It’s like some kind of nefarious bait and switch scheme—they lure you into watching the show with a good-looking woman like So, then she gets the boot and you’re left watching the women who are left and are… let’s just say they aren’t my type. So was born January 13, 1983 as Charlotte So–Young Kim, is from Long Beach California, works as a senior merchandising manager for Billabong (and so has at least a tenuous connection to Alessa Quizon), and is currently dating another former Survivor contestant. Unfortunately So isn’t narcissistic enough to take tons of selfies, so I had to nab what I could off the net. You pays your money and you takes your chances.




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    freckled beauty

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    downright lovely

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    Nice butt