Ho Mo Ling

Ho Mo Ling. I’ll bet the guys applying names to these models just sit around and try to think of the goofiest one.

The well must have run dry because I found at least 2 other models with the same name. The Ho Mo presented here also goes by Wong See Lee, Pong Ming Yan and Kong Su Yin and appealed to me more than the other Ho Mos.  That’s all there is.

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  1. Avatar of rahbka

    pretty and sexy with nice breasts
    thanks :)

  2. Avatar of arf

    i was gonna make a joke and say no homo until i saw Ho Mo’s perfect nipples of goodness. very beautiful

  3. clive’s avatar

    a lovely from the land of smiles

  4. Avatar of Luke

    for fear of getting banned I’ll just say that is a fine looking naked lady ;)

  5. Roger Sack’s avatar

    She does anal and DP in Hustler Asian Fever 5 as “Ganja”.
    Very beautiful but appears unenthusiastic having sex with
    the two Hungarian studs. She just seems to go through the motion.