The Wood–man claims he got permission for a request. Usually that’s submitted in triplicate, sealed with blood and presented under a full moon, but for RaMu we expedited matters.

Woody–Alien, we thank you. Looking over photos of RaMu, I’ve had to keep my drool bucket close at hand. Going off the info Woody provided, RaMu is a former member of the J pop group KissBee. She made what I would suppose could be called a lateral move into gravure, and from which I hope and pray she makes the next logical step.

Standing at a mere 4’8″ (148cm), her 38″ (98cm) bust looks very sizeable indeed. She is, in her youth, kind of wacky with a sense of humor, as is evident by the videos she posts. The videos at the end of the post aren’t of the humorous variety but are definitely worth a viewing. Just keep your drool bucket handy and be sure to visit the forum, where woody has more photos and links.

DOB: 1997/7/31
Height: 4’8″ (148cm)
Measurements: 38-23-31″ (98-58-80cm)



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  1. Avatar of tiger

    With that rack alone, she is great. But……what does it take to crack a smile? C-4? A crowbar? 8)

  2. Lee’s avatar

    You didn’t watch video number 2? Wow! A smile that causes time to stop in it’s tracks!
    What a wonderful little creature. I am in love.

  3. Avatar of rahbka

    Beautiful. Great body. Fabulous breasts. Top rank!

  4. Avatar of QuantumForce

    Bah, RaMu, why are you so clothed?

    4’8″ tall? Sounds pretty rightsized to me! Along with her other rightsized parts.

    That’ll do, Babe, that’ll do.

  5. Avatar of arf

    Oh gosh yes!

  6. clive’s avatar

    Smokin hot and beautiful as well. Now all of that clothing, its gotta go!

  7. Avatar of Woody-Alien

    haha thanks <3

    How can anyone say she never smiles? Heck, half of her career is spent making silly faces, just look at her YouTube channel‘s front picture! There was also this hilarious but sexy video of her getting a breast massage.

    Also, pointing out just a little mistake: her measurements are usually given as 90-58-80, not 98… she is still a Japanese H-cup though!