Merry Christmas from Asian Sirens!

And happy holidays to those who (like me) don’t celebrate Christmas (although I must say I always really enjoy the Christmas light displays).

We’ve just added a “Say Thanks” button to all our posts (both on the blog and on the forum), so you can show your appreciation for our contributors, whose unpaid work brings you lots of great free content every day. And speaking of the forum, we now have literally thousands of posts and images for you to enjoy there, so if you aren’t already, make sure you go and check it out!

To improve Asian Sirens’ performance (particularly in relation to the forum), we will be performing some server upgrades today, so we will go offline for 10-15 minutes or so some time today. But we’ll be back better than ever!



  1. Avatar of adcmelb

    :D Nice Girls guys Merry Christmas

  2. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    I think I just made the inaugural “thanks.” Merry Christmas to all. :D

  3. gunnar’s avatar

    ok so no post today? :(

  4. Avatar of pftion

    Merry Christmas, AS!

  5. Avatar of rob2322

    Happy holidays! I’m out of town, but will be back to post more in the New Year. The thanks button is good.

  6. ferreterobat’s avatar

    Merry Christmas……….to everyone ¡

  7. Avatar of The-Dean

    Merry Christmas to you all.

  8. Avatar of arf

    uh oh!…last half hour of Christmas on the West Coast. Merry Christmas to all the A-S’s and members of the world!

  9. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Belated Merry Christmas everyone!

  10. Avatar of Daphne-Yana

    Merry Christmas to Dr Lee…Luke…and AsianSirens crew…
    Thank for make Asian girl look sexy in the world…
    Form !…