Jennifer Nguyen

There are NUMEROUS women with some connection to modeling named Jennifer Nguyen out there. and many of them are damn fine looking. This is the first of at least three I’ll be posting.

This Jennifer was born in Regina, Canada. She fell in love with modeling at an early age and, except for a hiatus of a couple of years in her teens, has been at it since. Jennifer has done the gogo dancer thing in Vancouver and had a group there called Deadly Combination. Her main thing, though, is the modeling. I can see why.

DOB: November 18, 1987
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 112lbs
Measurements: 34DD-26-36″



  1. pres’s avatar

    Another BEAUTIFUL body defaced by tattoos. But hot is hot, nonetheless.

  2. Avatar of jleetechie

    Oh no, please tell me those horrid arm and leg tats on a couple of photos are stickers! I can handle a star or two, but not a mural.

  3. Seoul Music’s avatar

    I don’t like the stars… on her nipples and pussy. Oh wait, these are not tattoos! Down with the censorship of the woman body!

  4. Avatar of arf

    Shoowee!…so hot I’m seeing stars now.

  5. Avatar of Travis Stroup

    I am thoroughly certain that she has been nude before, I think for Angels n Babes pre-breast implants or with FHM or something. I can’t remember.

  6. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Are you sure it was this Jennifer Nguyen?

  7. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    The second link is definitely her, but the first is probably another Jennifer Nguyen.

  8. Avatar of Travis Stroup

    Well they look exactly the same and they have the exact same tattoo above the right butt cheek. So… yes? Pretty sure.

  9. Avatar of Luke

    Yeah it looks like the same girl to me. Good work JC :D

  10. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Ah yes, missed the tat! And looking again it definitely is her face. I guess I’d better look more carefully before posting again next time. :)

  11. Avatar of tiger

    grrrrrrr…………….. Tats are a pet peeve with me too. Men or Women. Like drugs or Facebook, somethings I’ll never see the appeal for. 8)