Minnie Scarlet

Vietnamese-American Minnie got her name from her pet tarantulas. The smallest was “Minnie” and the largest was a Scarlet Bird-eater. Doesn’t anyone just have a dog named Fido or Rover anymore?

Listed on some sites as an adult model and hailing from Los Angeles California, Minnie seems to nibble around the edges of the adult industry without taking a hard-core bite. She also appears in mainstream stuff—Minnie appeared on Sons of Anarchy as… wait… an “Asian hooker”. I’ve read that she’s studying law which sounds like a trope, but from reading bits of interviews she sounds like a pretty bright young woman so I wouldn’t be surprised.

DOB: October 4, 1993
Height: 5’1″ (54 cm)
Weight: 95lbs (43.1kg)
Measurements: 32-22-29″ (81B-56-74cm)




  1. Avatar of Luke

    Damn sexy albeit with the occasional strange haircut. I’d be happy if she never went to hard core.

  2. Avatar of jno

    Damn sexy girl. Wouldn’t mind seeing her do hardcore. Just please keep those natural titties

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  4. Avatar of tiger

    Sexy girl with odd pet interests.

  5. Avatar of TheyCallMeBruce

    Just watched her solo vid at Mofos. She would KILL it if she did hc.

  6. Avatar of wingsfan19

    I would definitely give a damn!

  7. cthulhu fhtagn’s avatar

    She has done a lot of lesbian porn, with Courtney Trouble and the GodsGirls Imogen, Finch, Pony, Artemis and Kory. She also appeared in Ariel Rebel’s site but – unfortunately and AFAIK – there is no sex scene of the two.

    BTW, in the movie “Asian School Girls (2014)” her lesbian scene – non-porn – is with Sam Aotaki.