Sharon Tay

When I first saw this photo of Sharon, I thought she was in a different line of work.

Sharon Tay was born in Singapore and emigrated to the US at age 7. Sharon is a journalist with numerous awards and former host of two programs, MSNBC at the Movies and MSNBC Entertainment Hot List, and has a fairly long list of movie credits under her belt. She usually plays, of all things, a reporter, and is currently anchoring in Los Angeles. Although the first photo was taken some time ago, I can say the reporters in my town don’t look anything like this at any time.

DOB: October 15, 1966
Height: 5’3″
Measurements: 34-25-34″

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  1. Avatar of pug

    The next to last photo is of Maria Quiban, She is the weather reporter on Fox News 11 in LA. She has been on leave since the fall when her husband died.

  2. Agent P’s avatar

    There seems to be some discontinuity among the photos with regard to her rhinoplasty, or, there have been successive ‘adjustments’ through the years. The very last photo is sorta the ‘last word’ on that…

  3. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Do you mean the last photo (before the video)? That one does look like a different girl to me.

  4. Avatar of arf

    She does look real nice…a keeper for sure

  5. Avatar of French

    I have lusted after this woman for 20 years! I remember seeing 2 seconds of her as a reporter in that Independence Day movie, and then renting it on videotape to play those 2 seconds over and over.

    She is way hotter when her nose was still Asian.
    She was a reporter in Fast 5- one of those Fast and Furious movies….

    That first picture is a dream! Really hot.

  6. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Okay, thanks—fixed.

  7. Avatar of maruchiman

    nice smile and a great body. approved!

  8. Avatar of Luke

    The first pic is just ridiculous, off the charts :)

  9. Avatar of wingsfan19

    How have I not noticed her before? I’m sure noticing her now:-)

  10. Avatar of jleetechie

    Without studio make-up, who knows, but she continues to be a treat to watch daily on the news and considering her age, a true siren.

  11. Nik2’s avatar

    Stunning. I saw 1st picture before, but had no idea who she was. I work with someone named Karen Tay, also from Singapore & also a piece of eye candy. Oh, and I have always liked FOX’s Julie Chang.

  12. Avatar of arf

    Also I just wanted to add a little observation about Sharon I love…the way her breasts sit on her chest with the spacing between them is always a super turn-on for me. I find it more appealing than some who have more of the uni-boob look. And of course, her slightly puffy lower eyelids I’ve always found sexy on women also.

  13. Avatar of French

    Had to come back for this photo:

    She is HOT!

  14. Avatar of Luke


    I assume the three ‘sexy’ shots are from the same session. The genius responsible should be commended for capturing that side of her.