Mari Ishida

It’s a sad state of affairs when a guy can’t find even a little info on a beautiful Japanese woman, even if decades have gone by.

I’ve totally whiffed on Mari. I can’t find squat. This is all there is to be found. As a southern gentleman, I feel a woman who looks as lovely as she does in these few photos must be seen regardless. So it shall be written. So it shall be done.

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  1. Bob’s avatar

    Seems like she may also go by the name Mari Asaka (浅香まり). And she’s been in a few AV, unless I’m mixing up two different people.

  2. Avatar of smellykev

    Holy crap!! Shes bloody perfect!! The ultimate pinnacle of female evolution. Somebody give me her name and phone number!!

  3. Mark T’s avatar

    She is a classic Asian beauty, very nice.

  4. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    The word ‘lithe’ springs to mind when I look at this beauty.

  5. Avatar of Romanticwarrior


    Bob, excellent call!
    Mari Asaka (Ishida) was a gravure and jav idol born in Kanagawa on Feb. 28, 1973. 5’ (155 cm)and 31-21-32(80-53-81 cm).

    1000 thanks!

  6. Jay’s avatar

    she’s great!

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  8. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Absolutely gorgeous. Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone!

  9. Avatar of smellykev

    wingsfan19 wrote:
    Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone!

    What’s that?

  10. Avatar of Luke


    I dunno but if it means we get treated with girls this good I’m on board.

  11. Avatar of wingsfan19


    An American holiday featuring turkey, LOTS of side dishes, family, beer (or the alcoholic beverage of your choice) and football.

    Oh yeah, you’re also supposed to, you know, give thanks sometime during all of the above. I’d give thanks for Asian Sirens (and Asian sirens), but I don’t think that would go over too well at dinner.

  12. Avatar of Luke


    It seems to have all the elements that make a holiday great (except the wrong type of football). It actually gets a fair amount of air time here on the back of a huge percentage of our TV content is direct from the US. I think Kev was being a wise ass so I ran with it.

  13. Avatar of wingsfan19


    I figured you guys would be at least somewhat familiar with our Thanksgiving, but I thought I’d sum it up for you. Forgot the part about being the start to the Christmas shopping season.

    And hey, several of our football teams have rugby kickers to punt the ball now, many from Australia! Although that didn’t work out so well for my beloved University of Michigan Wolverines a few weeks ago:-(

  14. Avatar of Luke


    A lot of the punters are from the AFL (Australian Football League) a vastly superior game to rugby league. Darren Bennet, Sav Rocca and Ben Graham all had some success. There has been a lot of publicity for the NFL with Jarrad Hayne’s involvement who is a Rugby league player although the wheels seem to have fallen off.

    Thanks for the summary, two family gatherings (thanksgiving and Christmas) that close together must be testing.

  15. Avatar of wingsfan19


    The commentators here always seem to refer to it as “rugby style” kicking although I knew several were from the AFL.

    Thanksgiving and Christmas so close together can be trying, but for us it’s just our children and their respective boyfriend/girlfriend. No aunts, uncles, cousins or in-laws. Too many side dishes though, hard to time everything!

    And now to get back to the topic of lovely Asian women: