Asian Sex Slavery

Marlin suggested we look into this topic after reading the Amped Asia article I Was a Korean Sex Slave.

Marlin wrote:

As a person who likes Asian woman, married one, and has a daughter with one I should ask how do I know if the woman I am viewing are doing this on their own free will. What measures are used to ensure that I am not supporting sex slaves. I like this site, it’s a bookmark of mine but I sometimes feel like an a-hole for lusting after them. What do my fellow man, my brothers, think?

It is an interesting albeit disturbing issue. A similar story closer to home for me was addressed in The Australian, which looked into the Asian sex slave industry in Australia.

For my two cents, while I don’t condone in the slightest the things covered in those articles, I think that the majority of ladies featured here would not mind—or at least would understand—that they have attained a level of fame that entails some exposure. I think that some, upon discovering this site, assume it is a ‘porn’ site and don’t want to tied to it in any way, and I know Dr Lee is pretty understanding when this is the case. The possibility of the girls featured here actually being exploited in any similar way to those in the articles I imagine is pretty slim. I can only imagine it might happen with those in the porn industry, however I do think it is obviously more widespread than I first imagined. Ignorance is bliss.

Do I feel dirty lusting after the girls? Hell no, well at least I didn’t before—thanks Marlin! I don’t have kids so may not have the perspective that comes with parenthood, but sexual attraction is what it is—you can’t help finding someone attractive, denying it would be futile. There is a strict over 18 code here that I fully support, and I admit as I get older the girls start looking younger all the time, but I don’t think anyone wants Asian Sirens to become an over 28s spot. Youth is beautiful—celebrate it.

Tell us what you think below, and if you would like to help Hagar stop child sex slavery in Cambodia, you can do so here.



  1. wknight40’s avatar

    20 years ago as a young single soldier station in South Korea I witnessed a lot of children being prostituted to our soldiers. At the time this did not phase me nor did I knowingly participate in such acts. Granted sometimes it can be difficult to tell the age of a young woman by looking at her but if a person used common sense such as not looking for somebody too young there is little risk. Also granted the seedy sex industry itself a lot of these girls, even as they got older, still had no choice as they had no way of getting out of the industry and or have become accustomed to it and did not really want out because they knew of nothing else. I have talked to a few soldiers that have been there recently and things are better because the American military is cracking down on prostitution around our bases. Making clubs that cater to prostitution off limits to our soldiers. So since their money comes from these same soldiers they are very careful to not get caught or not support it at all.

    As for some of the photos here and on other sites sometimes the girls do not really look like they are comfortable with the situation. Now some of this could be just for show because I have see some girls look uncomfortable in one series but the next she is as happy as can be.

    Sorry about the long post. But this is a world wide problem with some places being worse than others.

  2. Seoul Music’s avatar

    The story on Amped Asia is dreadful.

    Exploitation is certainly not limited to the porn industry. It is well known for instance that many Korean actresses have to fuck producers or politicians to advance their career (In 2010, 60% of them). Some maybe committed suicide because of this. Chinese models are also sometimes (often? always?) high priced prostitutes. I have no doubts it is the same thing across all industries (models, actresses, singers…) and all the east asian countries.

    I still do not feel guilty lusting after a Korean actress or a Chinese model or even a Japanese AV idol. I hope the ones I like to watch got to be known and pictured by choice and not coercion.

  3. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    A little disappointed at the lack of response to this one—I think it’s an interesting and important subject.

    Seoul Music,

    An excellent point, and that is to say nothing of the abuse of women that goes on in the fashion modelling industry, which may be the worst of all (and they are often under age as well). More mainstream and ‘respectable’ entertainment industries do not necessarily treat women better, and may actually be far worse than most porn.

  4. Avatar of tmarlin98

    I thank you for bringing up the thought.

  5. Seoul Music’s avatar

    Dr. Lee,

    Yes, me also would have expected more reactions. In any case thank you AS for risking spoiling the party and raising the subject.

    As I said I do not feel guilty watching pictures of beautiful asian women in various state of undress on this site. Women are not objects, but still, and some may find harm in this: even if I prefer to look at the ones who look real and show personality I admit that naked or not I also see them as sexual objects or fantasies.

    But what about the Asian Sirens Webcams? How do you know there is no slavery involved here? (Not my cup of tea and not just for moral reasons so I’m not a customer and not contributing to your efforts here, sorry.)

  6. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Seoul Music wrote:
    Dr. Lee,

    But what about the Asian Sirens Webcams? How do you know there is no slavery involved here? (Not my cup of tea and not just for moral reasons so I’m not a customer and not contributing to your efforts here, sorry.)

    I have no way to confirm that for girls I haven’t brought in myself, but no reason to believe there’s any problems either. Indeed, webcams provide a unique opportunity for girls to work for themselves from their own home, and earn very good income.

  7. GT’s avatar

    This is a difficult topic. This topic certainly sensational and questioning the validity of any story would be politically incorrect. My view on this certainly is politically incorrect, but I do believe it’s more realistic and reflects how the world really is, not how it should be.

    I certainly sympathize with true victims, but I am painfully aware of that this is a breeding ground for scums who tries to profit from “planned/asserted victimhood.” “I have been wronged, so give me money and give me preferential treatment.”

    I’ve been to many parts of the world to know that thing don’t work in the way we think should work in developed countries. Parents sell their children or free-ride off the money they make selling their bodies. Some sees selling their bodies as just another business transaction to them. It’s their ticket to an easy life (while it lasts), making 10-30 times the money they would otherwise make. Girls aren’t stupid. Really. They aren’t. They often know what they are doing. (How else would you explain demonstrations by prostitutes in Korea demanding rights to sell their body.?) They aren’t a lower being that needs men’s protection. They are as capable of owning up to the consequences of their action as men are.

    Despite everything I’ve said, we’ll still need to protect minors who (by law) aren’t capable of making their own decisions. For this, we have to make sure that we take responsibilities for our reproductive consequences and not support any business that exploit them.