Jacqueline Aquino

Jacqueline Aquino is a model out of San Diego, a place that seems to be setting the standard for hot girls and photographers, which is a lethal mix.

Jackie seems pretty private, at least her social media is all set that way and it’s a sure fire means to make me more eager to know whats on the other side. I suspect it’s good because I’ve seen the evidence captured with the great skills of photographers Todd Akers from Stephen Akers Photography and San Diego’s favourite Percival. Both these guys do tremendous work IMHO and capture Jackie at her finest, like they do with sooo many beautiful women. As is the case with many import models the nudity may be implied, but I don’t think these pictures could get much hotter anyway.

Model: Female San Diego, California, US
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Ethnicity: Pacific Islander

Percival Instagram | Twitter
Stephen Akers

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  1. Avatar of maruchiman

    nice but could do without the tattoos….

  2. Avatar of arf

    Ooooh!…yes yes.

  3. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Aside from the make-up for doing the modeling thing and the ink I believe Jackie and I could have some deep, meaningful… conversations.

  4. Avatar of Felt-Tip

    Beautiful and very very sexy – makes me think of a slimmer CJ Miles.

  5. Avatar of Tbone

    maruchiman wrote:
    nice but could do without the tattoos….

    Beat me to it!

    Tattoo time!

    Cute girl.

  6. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Unless she’s a mix of say, Filipina, Guamanian and Samoan, I don’t understand the Pacific Islander ethnicity.

    Very cute and sexy, nevertheless.

  7. Redskinfan’s avatar

    Very lovely girl, some poor choices with ink, but owwwl, wolf howl, she is hot.

  8. Avatar of Luke


    Seems a bit of a ‘go to’ I think, along with the generic ‘Asian’. They often seem to be used when the lady has mixed genetics.

  9. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Yep, Pacific islander is a bit of a catch-all, but it is the only ethnicity info I could find in this case. If anyone can find something more specific we’ll go with it (her surname made me suspect Filipina, but then I think she would have just said so). We will however continue to use it as a tag for tiny and obscure Pacific island nations who won’t have many posts on them (as we do with middle eastern).

  10. Avatar of arf

    It sometimes seems to me like they use Pacific Islander because they think it sounds classier than pilipina or pinay.

  11. Avatar of Luke


    I wondered the same, I only base it on personal suspicions though.

  12. Avatar of wingsfan19


    Or just to make herself seem different.

  13. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Dr. Lee,

    I wasn’t implying that we should arbitrarily assign her to a nation — I see on her Model Mayhem page that her ethnicity is listed as Pacific Islander. Of course, it also states that she has measurements of 0″-0″-0″! And of course theirs the difference between ethnicity and nationality — ask a group of Filipinas if they are Asian or Pacific Islanders and you will get some that say Asian, some will say Pacific Islanders and some may say both. Ask them their nationality, though, and they will say Filipina (a few stuck up ones may say Hawaiian — my wife always asks them to speak some Hawaiian lol).

  14. Tones’s avatar

    Her right eye.