Bri Nguyen

Bri Nguyen is the sexy star of the reality TV show Utopia who got mentioned in the comments a little while ago.

The series follows a group of people who attempt to maintain a society in a remote area (thanks Wiki). I’m not averse to watching some pretty trashy TV and getting a role on these shows can be a double edged sword—good TV isn’t made by filming people getting along and acting reasonably. While I haven’t seen any of Utopia aside from a couple of clips on the internet, I get the impression Bri has been a victim whether it is deserved or not. There was a video of Bri and some other contestants bathing nude that seems to have disappeared. She wound up walking out of the show.

Bri is cute girl who loves animals and works as a vet, and she seems fun loving and strong willed. Like all reality TV the ‘stars’ can be quickly forgotten as the next season starts—I hope that Bri enjoyed the experience and goes on to bigger and better things.



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    She’s beautiful…so fresh and happy.

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    I, uh, had a friend…yeah, a friend…who watched Utopia and they said Bri wasn’t the most likeable person on the show. She sure is cute though even with the contacts (wish she’d lose them). Nice pics Luke.

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    Ditto on contacts RW. There is alot to like about Bri. She is insanely cute. I love her hair. Her slim Asian figure is a marvel and her rear end is hot.

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    I guess you know your friend as well as you know yourself. ;)

    A petite Viet cutie—I can’t not like her. :)

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    I need to take the dog to the vet

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    Ah, this is the lady I confused with Beatrice Nguyen. There were some video captures from the show with showering and having fun in the bushes. Some have been removed. Pretty lady.

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    A professional photog would do great work with this young lady.