Scarlett Becky Vang

Travis pointed out Scarlett Becky Vang to me, a gorgeous aspiring model from California.

SBV, or bubblyybeckyy as she goes by on social media, is a gorgeous Hmong girl out of Sacremento. She is trying to get into acting and you can help by going here, and I think you’d all agree that our screens would be better off if girls like Becky got a bit more air time. She is wholesome, cheeky and a downright stunner. Here’s hoping her career takes off!




  1. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    One of the prettier Hmong girls I’ve seen.

  2. gunnar’s avatar

    hmongs, no thanks.

  3. Avatar of smellykev


    i want a hmong girl just so i can mumble “hmong hmong hmong hmong” while my ears are getting a thigh massage.

  4. Avatar of wingsfan19


    Well, some Hmong us like them!

  5. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Oh dear.

    I have to admit to not normally being a fan of Hmong women myself, but I agree with romanticwarrior: this girl is one of the prettiest I’ve seen.

  6. Basho’s avatar

    Very pretty and wholesome lady. I quite like the steroetypical Hmong look. But I’m shallow too and quite like nudity, which I’m sure isn’t quite up Scarlett’s alley.

  7. Nik2’s avatar

    Pretty & exotic looking. Her triangular face reminds of a feline. Some of her pics came from here (judging by a flower logo in fantastic picture #5). Anyway, site is a feast for man’s eyes.

    Why so little love for Hmongs? They’re totally unknown in my north-east corner of US, where Koreans, Filipinos, Chinese, with sprinkling of Japanese & Thais rule. I read 2nd hand stories about tribalism & backwardness of Hmong, who had basically been yanked from late Stone Age into modern times after Indochina wars. What’s undisputed, Hmong have highest among all Asian groups in US dependency on welfare. That & drug problems. Apparently they don’t cope well with modern life. I might be wrong though. Hmongs are not my priority

  8. Avatar of French

    This woman is stunning!

    The picture of her on the park bench, wearing a blue dress, is the winner.

    She has a unique look: A beautifully shaped chin that highlights her cheekbones, a great set of eyes, and an “approachable” look- she actually smiles!

  9. Avatar of Luke


    I agree, I think she’s one of the special ones.

  10. Jimmah’s avatar

    Many are still coming here as refugees from Laos. They’re still being persecuted for helping the US in the war. They are coming here so they won’t be killed. With little to no money and need of help THAT is why they have higher dependency on welfare.

    Not all are this way, I know several who have done extremely well for themselves, even first generation immigrants. And no, there aren’t high drug problems, not any more than other nationalities.

    The secondhand stories you hear are stupid.

  11. Avatar of rotaryseven

    As far as I know, I think there are some Hmong still fighting in the jungles against either the Laotian government or the Cambodian or the Vietnamese or maybe all three!!! Interesting side story, I recently discovered a very little known battle that involved a radar emplacement operated by decommissioned CIA and Air Force personnel, the book on this subject is called One Day Too Long…I never actually read the whole thing, but they used Hmong to fortify the surrounding jungles around the mountain…but then the NVA and the VC were used in overwhelming numbers to take the spot…These are really jungle dwellers and to have to adjust from living in a hut or a tree house with no running water to living in some rough neighborhood in one of our dying mid-Western cities has to be a little tough…

  12. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Idk…nothing special….pretty? sure….