Throwback Thursday – Connie Chung Behind the KNXT Anchor Desk

To start off 2015′s Throwback Thursday posts, here a gem from May of 1980 featuring a then-33 year-old Connie Chung, delivering stories on a couple of long-forgotten names in the news. Connie occupied the KNXT Channel 2 in Los Angeles (now KCBS) anchor chair from 1976-1983. The station’s news anchor alumni includes many recognizable names, including Connie’s now-husband who currently hosts a successful trash TV talk show.

Connie is often credited for paving the way for a lot of Asian-American news journalists since she began her career back in the early 70s, as a correspondent for the CBS Evening News, then anchored by the iconic Walter Cronkite. A few of her more notable interviews were with Claus von Bülow, Magic Johnson, and Martina Navratilova. Probably her best (but not fondly) remembered pairing was with Dan Rather when they did the CBS Evening News together from 1993-1995. Her most infamous stunt was her farewell to her and her hubby’s short-lived 2006 talk show, when she “sang” a lyrically-altered version of “Thanks for the Memory” in an evening gown.

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  1. Avatar of French

    I always thought Connie was pretty hot- still do. I saw her once at a charity event- she has a smokin’ hot little bod. Lots of hotties in the California news market….

    By the way, I can’t tell you how many news shows I followed Betty Nguyen on….even when the show was terrible, I watched. Has to be an award for me somewhere….

    I thought Connie got a raw deal from CBS with Dan Rather- they just did not like one another. Connie should never have played second fiddle- they were co-anchors, but Dan Rather acted like he was the boss.

    Maury Povich- lucky guy.