Mei Miura 三浦芽依

Mei Miura is a JAV girl who has been around for a while now.

She’s cute in her pictures and naughty in her videos. She is pretty typical in so far as Jgirls go, and that’s exactly why I love them. She can appear quite differently: sometimes goofy and fun, at times exquisitely beautiful and sometimes sexy as hell, :) :P

DOB: 24th Oct, 1989
Tall: 162cm
B90cm(G cup)W59cm H84cm
Blood Type: A

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Video 2

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  1. Avatar of arf

    She’s gorgeous. Even the shot with the cute elfin ears. Something about those sqeezably delicious breasts hanging down in this shot.

  2. Redskinfan’s avatar

    Mei is amazing. She has a great bod. I esp. like her magnificent mammaries. Yes very squeezable
    She looks awesome in her next to the last pic.

  3. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Where is everybody? Only two comments on this hot, naked JAV girl?

  4. Avatar of ringking

    she’s got a great beautiful face along with a young voluptuous, with a little-fatty-in-all-the-right-areas-type body.

  5. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    For me, she’s very cute – just shy of being beautiful BUT… what a pleasing body! The boobs and butt are stellar!

  6. Avatar of Luke

    Dr. Lee,

    I was wondering the same thing for a while there. :-(

  7. Avatar of wingsfan19

    arf wrote:
    She’s gorgeous.Even the shot with the cute elfin ears.Something about those sqeezably delicious breasts hanging down in this shot.

    Maybe she could be in another “The Hobbit” sequel. It would be a lot less boring!

    One of the finest bodies I’ve seen here in quite some time.

  8. chosun’s avatar

    Her name for her uncensored works is Megu Kamijo.