Pacific USA Calendar 2015

Say what you will about the festive season, but it is always has a few nice surprises and none are better than the latest edition of the Pacific USA Calendar.

Jean Dara (the cover model for calendar), was first noticed by Adam on Asian Sirens—the original post featured work by J.H. Frank from Star Studio Models. Adam was blown away by Jean’s glamorous look and contacted J.H. Frank, who was kind enough to contact Erich Caparas on Adam’s behalf. Erich photographed Jean’s stunning portfolio; he contacted Jean to arrange a shoot with Adam. It went well.

Next stop, shooting in the Philippines. The shoot came together very fast. Adam was so impressed by Jean on the day that he contacted magazine editors during the shoot and sent them live casting shots. The story goes that what was originally set up as only a calendar shoot blossomed into a Playboy magazine shoot as well, and that issue is due out in January 2015. Stay tuned! When the issue comes out, it will be featured here on Asian Sirens with exclusive video from the shoot.

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  1. o'grady’s avatar

    my favorite calendar. I buy it every year even though I no longer use a paper calendar for my appts. the pictures are always pretty sexy and the Asian women they feature are hot. the only gripe I have is that the calendar is only implied nude. send them a memo will you, Luke, and tell them to have an R rated version.

  2. Avatar of Luke


    lol, Adam keeps an eye on AS so I’m sure he will take it on board

  3. Avatar of Daphne-Yana

    I admire to posing for calender model one day….maybe

  4. j smith’s avatar

    Very nice :>D I think many Filipino women are very attractive. I like the slight Spanish influence of their appearance.

  5. Avatar of arf

    I’ll take Xanny.

  6. Avatar of Bubalabobo


    Act quickly, because that tiny waist only has room for one pair of hands…

  7. Avatar of Luke


    I remember looking up Xanny a little while ago and reading that she can be booked to take you on a tour around Bangkok. It might have been her webpage or Facebook. I would love to do it but would probably be too nervous to talk. She seems really nice.

  8. Avatar of 4eyes


    why wouldn’t you try? maybe, it could be you luck!.