Redlaw recommended we delve into the world of webcams and have a look at BreeLinn.

And why not? It’s a massive source of incredibly sexy (and often pretty naughty) ladies.

It is an area I am very much a novice in so I got a little help here from our resident webcam expert Daznlover. The downside with webcam girls is that photos can be scarce and/or poor quality, the bonus is that you have the opportunity to catch them live in action if you dare—and are willing to pay. KaChing! Insert tokens…

What do we know about BreeLinn? Not much really, she says she is in China but I’m reliably informed she refers to the weather in Finland in her one of her chatrooms. In fact I question most of the info given, her name may not even be Bree! Does it matter? Who knows? What does matter is that she has currently active so you can ask her yourself here or here.

Good work Gentlemen, thanks for the tips. :)

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  1. Avatar of arf

    Oooh Nice!!! she is pretty fabulous. I’ve also been watching the webcams girls the last couple years now too.

  2. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Sexy as hell! Fantastic body, sultry face, fabulous hair. Doc approved™.

  3. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    Wow, she’s super hot. Beautiful body, hair. Pic #6 is fantastic: her glossy skin contrasted with her saturated-black hair–I love the black hair. I’d love to see more of that body; her legs are perfect.


    See if you can reload–I’m dying to see more pics of her.

  4. Glenn Lee’s avatar

    Lovely girl. But I don’t think she’s in China. I did a reverse image search and found her on She posted a pic of her ID there showing her Russian name.

  5. Redskin’s avatar

    Thats a freaky hot babe

  6. Avatar of MagnaCumNada

    Topless vid of her here:

  7. Avatar of redlaw

    she is fun to watch. she is a little quirky, never explicit and a bit of a tease.

  8. Redskinfan’s avatar


    38 seconds of bliss,

  9. Avatar of arf

    Ooops looks like they just popped up.

  10. gunnar’s avatar


  11. Avatar of GeorgePooney

    Nice hair but a little on the thin side.

  12. Avatar of arf

    That’s why I like coming to Asian-Sirens. There’s a little bit of everything. From skinny to not to overly musclular fitness chicks. You can have nice and tan to nice creamy deliciousess. Big boobs to just right boobs. All nice to look at and drool over.