The Ladies of Red English

In an effort to get Korean businessmen more motivated and excited about learning English, a few online companies have popped up within the last couple of years, offering English lessons taught by beautiful young ladies. One such company, Red English (a term used in Korea for an adult website is a “red” website) seems to stand out as being the most blatant when it comes to selling English lessons with sex appeal, as a view of their above promo video will attest to. However, the lessons the pretty instructors teach are as legitimate as any taught by Korean English teachers at private language academies in Korea and ’nuff said about that. Like their lessons, Red English’s website is all in Korean, except for a few English words here and there.

Below are the five current instructors of Red English. The large print with their names in red (which is odd because writing a person’s name in red ink is a sign of death in Korea), translates to; “New and exciting English learning with  instructor (her name)” The ladies fluency in English is hard to ascertain as seemingly all of the instruction is given in Korean with just the lesson’s topic sentence spoken in English, but their English pronunciation sounds fairly good.

I suppose some of these ladies may even give Korean lessons to English-speakers on the side, which is how Christine Jang gained Internet infamy a couple of years back.



  1. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    I guess this predates Sexy Mandarin? I thought it was an original idea!

  2. CEC’s avatar

    Dr. Lee,

    Well, the concept is the same but Sexy Mandarin has ladies teaching their native tongue to (primarily) English-speakers, and Red English has ladies teaching a foreign tongue to speakers of their native tongue.

    While Sexy Mandarin offers their students much better motivation to learn what the girls are teaching, I doubt Red English’s students are as focused on the subject.

    I’ve actually seen ploys similar to what Red English is using, in “real life” situations, and while it may boost enrollment, in the long run, it usually isn’t very successful in improving the students’ English ability.

  3. Avatar of smellykev

    Ahhhhh Koreans teaching English. I remember my old school where the Korean English teachers wouldn’t talk to the foreign teachers…. because they couldn’t. Even the head teacher with a masters degree in english literature insisted we use a fake american accent so she could at least understand something we said. Damn i wish my korean colleagues had looked like this….

  4. Avatar of ssn

    smellykev wrote: I remember my old school where the Korean English teachers wouldn’t talk to the foreign teachers…. because they couldn’t.

    Ha! That’s pretty good! And it’s true…though maybe most were simply embarrassed. I wasn’t an English teacher there but I could live comfortably doing nights and weekend English tutoring only on that income.

    Nice ladies…I miss them and the place.

  5. Avatar of daznlover

    In the long run it is distracting, but in the short run must be a pleasure to learn. :)
    It’s a bit like hooters, but applied to english lessons, right?

  6. Avatar of wingsfan19

    This makes me want to learn Korean so that I can understand when these beautiful ladies try to teach me English.