Stephanie Koon

Here we have Stephanie Koon, a model and personal banker at JPMorgan…

To tell you the truth I can’t tell you a lot about Stephanie, other than she is a Bellevue, Washington based model who may be moving (or has moved) to Hong Kong. She is not to be confused with Ella Koon the Pop star who does look a bit similar. I’m not entirely sure the LinkedIn profile is in fact the same person, but I like to think that modelling is a part time gig for an obviously beautiful and talented lady. Anyway, to the pics…

Height: 5’4″ (162cm)
Bust: 32″ (81.28cm)
Cup: C
Waist: 23″ (58.42cm)
Hips: 35.5″ (90cm)
Shoes: 6.5
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown



  1. wknight40’s avatar

    Near perfect

  2. Avatar of arf

    Pretty awesome indeed. Just an all around gorgeous girl.

  3. Avatar of The-Dean

    Very nice.

    Just have to ask, another non-nude/implied nude? Really?


  4. Avatar of daznlover

    The first pic didn’t convince me, but the others did!
    What a beauty!
    The kind of girl I would trust all my money with…

  5. Avatar of rex

    Wow,as for sure.

  6. LD’s avatar

    Too bed Stephanie Koon doesn’t show her poon. Very beautiful, anyway! Got my attention!

  7. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Very pretty and she has a nice shape (from what I can see). Makes me wish I had money to invest.

  8. john smith’s avatar

    Very nice not to thin not to large but just right ;)

  9. Avatar of French

    Jesus H. Tap Dancing Christ this woman is on FIRE!!!!

    Behold! The perfect Asian nose and philtrum.

  10. Avatar of H.D.30-06

    Had me at the 2nd pic. What a smile! Smokin hot girl.

  11. gunnar’s avatar

    she looks a bit pacific islander?