Magic Fly—Space

I was watching Rage on a Saturday morning and saw this video clip by French band Space. There seemed to be a kind of electropop theme, and I wasn’t paying much attention until the dancer caught my eye. Say what you will about the French music industry, but in the bizarre there can be little gems. I hope you like it…

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  1. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Whoever can identify this girl wins the internet. :)

  2. o'grady’s avatar

    luke, that was torture. that was prob the worst music video ever. and the music was mind numbing. but the chic in it wasn’t bad. for the rest of you who didn’t watch it yet ff to 1:45ish.

  3. Avatar of EnigmaticJack

    That is an example of what Depeche Mode would sound like if they sucked. Thank god they don’t!!

  4. Avatar of Luke


    lol I’m glad you liked it ;)

    I think for something 30 years old it isn’t bad, the French music scene was always questionable, Plastic Bertrand aside. It was more about the dancer but I reckon there should be more Space Disco!

  5. john smith’s avatar

    The mystery asian dancer looks good the space music not so much.

  6. Avatar of wingsfan19

    So not my style of music, but the dancer is sexy. Google has failed me in finding out her name.

  7. Nik2’s avatar

    I was mesmerized by 1984′s “Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight”. 30 years later, still a great tune. I am almost sure Dominique Davalos is some sort or Asian mix. Half-Filipina perhaps? Too bad it all happened decades before the internet & info is rather scarce.

  8. Avatar of daznlover

    Interesting, so many music critics who don’t recognize this old hit.
    Oddly or not, this song came to be a number 1 hit, all over the world, in the late 70s. I didn’t know the date, but I just checked.
    And the band (preceding… Daft Punk) sold more than 10 millions albums. Think about that! :P

    Since the song was so old, i had never seen the music video before. I guess the dancer must be 50 or 60 by now (the song is 37 years old!).

  9. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    All over the world, or all over Europe? I’ve certainly never heard it before, and I’m seriously into 70s music.

    The obvious parallels with Daft Punk struck me as well—I have to suspect they were strongly influenced by this group.

  10. Avatar of daznlover

    Well, all over the world, but apparently not in Australia… ;)
    It was a big success in Europe but also reached number one in a USA disco chart and was even a big success in the Soviet Union.

    I don’t think this song has lasted long in the charts, but it’s something my ear could recognize. But it was hard to listen to new songs back then, except on the radio. No Internet at the time and music distribution worked basically by album sales and some tape recordings among friends.

  11. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    daznlover wrote:
    Well, all over the world, but apparently not in Australia…” alt=”;)” class=”wp-smiley”>

    I guess we have better taste. ;)

  12. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Dr. Lee wrote: I guess we have better taste.

    Except for the Bee Gees.

  13. Avatar of Basho

    Complete electronic music pioneers. I believe this track is from 1977 and puts the French group in amongst names such as Giorgio Moroder and yes sited as an influence for Daft Punk (also French). As for the model, it’s hard to tell. It almost looks as though she has been edited into the video recently as a sort of update.

    Are most Asian Siren members down with the whole Disco Sucks campaign. Because if they are … then we might just have to go to war. “Disco is peace through exertion”, is what I heard recently….. and I thoroughly agree. Disco and Asians…. thats me

  14. john smith’s avatar

    We at Asian Sirens prefer love over war, especially with Asian women. ;)