Song Haiyun 宋海云 

UCFullFrontal thought we ought to feature Song Haiyun and suggested we add her to the Hall of Fame. Thanks UCFF!

I must admit she has been one of the more difficult girls to find info and pictures for. I take it from the original request she was on a dating show. I stand to be corrected but I believe she is from Beijing and specializes in poetry and painting, and is the daughter of an architect and a teacher. Possibly she also uses the name Kathaleen. Anyone with better information please let me know and I’ll update the post!

Thanks to Google Translate I can quote her as saying “At home, let me do his queen, in outside let him do my king.” Well I thought you were running with a President these days, maybe an Emperor somewhere but I might refrain from doing your king—Ms Haiyun mind you is a very different matter. ;)



  1. gunnar’s avatar

    amazingly average and not my style.

  2. Kinchina’s avatar

    She was on the Chinese dating show roughly translated “Are you the 1″ which should be released everywhere with subtitles. Truly unbelievable things said on the show by some of the girls who think they deserve the best.
    Here’s an older story on one of its more famous contestants.,8599,2000558,00.html

  3. Avatar of arf

    OMgosh!…Doc just almost made me tinkle my knickers laughing…:)) To me this girl is gorgeous. Long, leggy and without the contacts she looks very very pretty. I think they’re contacts.

  4. John Smith’s avatar

    She is cute and seemingly to be completely natural. I think she may have a hot little bod hidden under her clothes. She is bangable.

  5. Steve’s avatar

    She is in major need of being NAKED

  6. MaJieMao’s avatar

    She might be beautiful, but if she is anything like those other contestants on Chinese dating shows, she is from the top 1% of most shallow Chinese people in that country.

  7. Big Red’s avatar

    cool another girl who takes a million selfies

  8. Avatar of Tbone

    Nice but could use some meat on her bones, especially her legs.

  9. Avatar of Luke

    Big Red,

    Narcissism is the new black ;)

    Maybe they will get into sexting :)

  10. gunnar’s avatar

    Dr. Lee,

    Haha, this is pretty much how I think this time, but not exactly how I look ;)
    anyway just look in some archives and I “approve” more women than you do yourself… I just have different tastes… btw as very few women get the “Doc approved” label, I wonder if this is actually you on the picture… as you are a webdeveloper, that would at least make a lot of sense for you to look like this ;)

  11. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I understand everyone has different taste, but I thought “amazingly average” was a bit much. It is also true that very few girls get the “Doc approved™” label, but that’s only for girls that I consider to be truly outstanding—that doesn’t mean they’re the only ones I like. I’d be happy to bang many of them. :)

  12. gunnar’s avatar

    Dr. Lee,

    well, it’s all about different tastes… i know that among the girls i like, and even those i suggested, many wouldn’t be “Doc approved”…
    and as a matter of fact, i don’t like the girls who have “long” faces so i will never really “enjoy” fully any girl like this one…

  13. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    That’s the thing—”amazingly average” implies an objective opinion, but if you said “I don’t like girls with long faces, not my style” I wouldn’t have had any objection. Try to remember that your stating your taste, not an objective fact.

  14. Avatar of fungusfarm

    I think she has an elegant look to her, combined with a bit of cutesy.

  15. UCFullFrontal’s avatar


    Nice job with image hunt using your Google Kung Fu, Luke.
    I’ll submit more sirens in the future.

    The last image is very nice 9.9/10.

  16. UCFullFrontal’s avatar


    The show has rough google translate captions. There are some hot sirens in the 3 or so seasons of speed dating show. The American version is even worst.