Julia じゅりあ / ジュリア

Julia was suggested by Bubbalabobo, and has taken a little while to filter through. Apologies Sir, thanks for the tip!

Julia Boin, Julia Oppai, she seems to use a variety of names but the constant seems to be Julia which she often uses by itself. Hey if it’s good enough for Cher and Madonna why not?

There seems to be a bit of conjecture around her age and whether she has had a boob job. My money says 1987 might be a touch off and that they were probably big but have had some work done somewhere along the line, but done well (although I would defer to the Doc’s better judgement on such matters). Needless to say ‘J cup’ Julia is sporting a pretty impressive pair of mammaries :)

She began her JAV career in 2010 and has plenty of videos available via the links below, so click on if you dare otherwise enjoy the pics and don’t forget to put your suggestions in…

Birthdate: May 25, 1987
Aliases: Julia, Julia Boin, Julia Oppai
Height: 158 cm
Blood type: AB
Measurements: 101-55-84
Cup size: J
Hobbies: Books
Debut: 2010
Agency: CLAP
Genre: AV idol

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  1. Steve’s avatar

    Almost unbelievable body, further, an absolutely killer face. Well, I guess God was bound to make at least one perfect natural woman. THANK YOU God, THANK YOU Luke !

  2. Fozworth’s avatar

    If they are fake, they are the kind of fake I’m “ok” with – heavy and natural looking. But if they are fake, I kinda ask “why?”, as it looks like she would have had plenty to start with.

  3. Avatar of TheyCallMeBruce

    I’m guessing that there has been work done not so much as to make them bigger, but because “unsupported” large breast’s can sometimes lead to saggage. If anything, the work on them is to maintain their shape and perkiness. Regardless, they are wonderful!

  4. Raconnection’s avatar

    I totally agree with Fozworth!! I’m thinking they would sadly slump down into her armpits while she was in her back.

    Pic 11 is killer!!

  5. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Although I’m mainly a leg and butt man myself I could give it a go. I think she’s beautiful. Could you imagine being the filling between a Julia and Sakura Sena sandwich?

  6. John Smith’s avatar

    Amazing mams, she is in a class by herself. I really like her nips. They are large and puffy, just the right size to chew on. Her face and body are ok I guess but I really couldn’t focus on anything but the boobs.

  7. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Amazingly—while it is definitely possible that she started out big and went huge—I can’t see any clear evidence of implants in her photos. Real or not though (and they’re almost certainly at least mostly real), they’re unquestionably magnificent! The rest of her body is very nice too, and she’s quite pretty too. And yet for some reason—while I am immensely impressed by her—I don’t find myself as attracted to her as I would have expected. Still, I suspect my jaw would drop to the floor if I saw her in real life.

  8. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Oh yes: her photo galleries do indicate that she either had an amazing growth spurt at some point, or (more likely) she’s had a little surgical help. As I said though, I can’t see any of the tell-tale signs of implants in her photos, so if she does have them they are very well hidden.

  9. Avatar of The-Dean

    I don’t have much to add here. Agree with everything Doc and the rest have said.

    I guess I prefer her breasts in the earlier pics before surgery (yes, I know). But as has been stated, with jugs that large, the surgery was probably preventative to help relieve/prevent the inevitable sagging.

    And like Doc, I find the whole not quite as appealing as the sum of the amazing parts, for some reason. But that’s not really a complaint. A fabulous gal anyway you look at her.

  10. gunnar’s avatar

    i like everything except the nose…

  11. Avatar of arf

    Agree…Agree…Agree! She is a pretty supreme looking woman. Her legs alone are enough to make me go ga-ga, and then throw in those deliciously amazing boobs…and WoW!!!

  12. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Without having read any of the previous comments, I’m predicting the Doc will like Julia.

    arf, of course, is a given.

  13. Avatar of wingsfan19

    I’m surprised that at 5′ 2″ her huge mammaries look very much in proportion to her body and don’t look at all cartoonist.

  14. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    I share the confusion on whether they are natural, but I see no reason to think they aren’t. She just a beautiful, skinny girl with amazing big tits. I actually like the distinctive nose.

    Once again Luke you dug up some great pics. Thanks!

    I chuckle at the Wiki page that gives us her BMI and porn checklist, among other things.

    Doc, I like the new mobile theme better.

  15. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    wingsfan19 wrote:
    I’m surprised that at 5′ 2″ her huge mammaries look very much in proportion to her body and don’t look at all cartoonist.

    Maybe that’s why they look so big! And while I do like Julia, surprisingly I don’t love her—as The-Dean says, oddly the whole doesn’t quite match the sum of the parts.

  16. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Bubalabobo wrote:
    Doc, I like the new mobile theme better.

    I’m happy to hear that—I’m intending to get mobile users up to feature parity with desktop users as much as possible, and have a comfortable viewing experience too.

  17. Avatar of Bubalabobo


    That, among other things, is why I think they are natural. Before boob jobs became so common girls like this were called “slim and stacked” (you dont hear that anymore b/c they all are now). There’s nothing ‘impossible’ about her dimensions.

  18. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    Dr. Lee wrote: mobile users up to feature parity with desktop users

    I was going to mention that too–I’ll see how this works, but i think you’re there now.

  19. Avatar of Luke

    Dr. Lee,

    I find that the view comments or activity doesn’t work on the mobile feature. It goes to the page without showing the content.

    With her boobs if you go to the scan lover link and the ‘explicit erogena’ section, the stills from her JAV appear at times enhanced. They aren’t the most flattering shots.

  20. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    At this stage, only the sitewide activity page works on the mobile theme (which is why it’s the only activity page I link to on it)—the others are my custom hacks, which depend on the main site theme. I intend to get the other activity pages working on the mobile theme eventually, but the sitewide activity page covers everything anyway (you can narrow it down to specific things using the dropdown menu at the top of the page).

  21. Avatar of arf

    This shot right here and the set that it came from is absolutely one of my favorites of Julia’s. Her breasts are truly splendid and magnificent looking.

  22. MaJieMao’s avatar

    She has some wonderful heavy curves, almost makes her look a little too thick in a few photos for me, but she is siren for sure.

  23. Avatar of unga

    A (stolen?) leaked vid of hers (RKI-111) recently surfaced. Shows her in all her wonderful glory…


    you are welcome,


  24. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Dr. Lee,

    Working well for me, thanks!

  25. chosun’s avatar

    I don’t know the truth of this claim, but someone mentioned she revealed that she turned 29 three years ago on her China blog. First, I didn’t know she had a Chinese blog and second yeah she look like she’s in her late 20′s, but it doesn’t lessen the fact that she’s mighty fine.

  26. Avatar of Elric

    Off. The. Chain. Well done, Luke, bravo!

  27. Avatar of wasp123

    I cannot for the life of me understand what the issue of her breasts have whether they are natural or not enjoy guys she is a beautiful woman no doubt about that

  28. Avatar of wasp123

    I am curioous to know ]more about her anyone knows where i can get more info

  29. Mike Toppins’s avatar

    She is just gorgeous. Her facial expressions and the role play she’s into really drive me nuts. Of course her mams and legs are amazing too. What’s really nuts is that, minus her breasts, her body and face look a lot like my sister in law in Tokyo. My mind goes places it shouldn’t…

  30. boris’s avatar

    I am probably the largest fan of Julia here and have all her videos from the beginning. If you can see any enhanced increase in the size of her breast over time, you surely have far greater eyes than mine. One writer wrote that “she is a little too thick for my taste” . Are you kidding me ? I do not think at her age she has probably even had any uplifting, but I will give you that if she has. Personally I would prefer to see her leave her breast alone and let them sag if they want to, that is all part of the beautiful natural aging process of mature women. I know everyone has different taste in looks of women, but to me Julia is the most beautiful of all women alive, I think the Asian bump on her nose adds to that classical look. Sorry guys that is the way I see her.

    Anyone interested in e-mailing me may do so.