OH10Kuma recommended beautiful Cosplay girl Iiniku Ushijima, and I’m sure glad he did…

She likes to get dressed up in fancy costumes, she likes to remove parts of these fancy costumes and she likes to photograph herself in sexy poses while doing so. OH10Kuma kindly provided several links to extensive galleries of Iiniku, with so many cat’s ears I’ve developed an appreciation for bestiality. Infamous in Taiwan, Iiniku is another reason I am reassessing my loathing of fancy dress. Thanks OH10Kuma :)

Name: Iiniku Ushijima
Birthdate: February 19, 1990
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Measurements 83/56/87.7 cm

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  1. Fozworth’s avatar

    Was about to say “pass”…until that 4th to last pix. Crikiey!


  2. Fozworth’s avatar

    Oh, AND we share the same birthday!

  3. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    I think Iiniku is fantastic. Luke couldn’t post all her pics but with respect to him, I think there are even better pics in her numerous galleries. Smokin’!

  4. Avatar of Luke


    Yeah there are so many. Use the image uploader and add you favourites, I would like to see them. I always try to get a variety and as many views or angles as possible. Sometimes an fine ass shot is not the prettiest etc.

  5. MaJieMao’s avatar

    She isn’t a super beauty, but if she brings the cosplay to my house I’d be really happy.

  6. Avatar of arf

    Her body is absolutely perfect to me. She’s just so fit and crazy hot. I can’t seem to take my eyes of those abs.

  7. John Smith’s avatar

    Big things often come in small packages.

  8. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Not really into the kitty cat scene, but I love her butt. Cute enough but not gorgeous.

  9. Avatar of Bubalabobo


    Same with me. Pic 9 from bottom I think shows a perfect hips-waist. Perfect. And the other in the tattered chair; the shadows and quality pic composition obviously do a lot, but what a result. She also has very sexy shaped eyes.

  10. Avatar of HidyHo

    She has a body to die for and very attractive unusual face!

  11. Avatar of unga

    She’s super cute.. Hope she’ll be doing porn soon.

    She’s already done a ton of gravure vids, photobooks, and webcams:


    more of her pics and links here:



  12. Avatar of unga

    actually, I stand corrected. She has done porn:


  13. Xer’s avatar

    Number 9 and 5 from the bottom super hot! Those what? Socks ?stockings? She is a very sexy women but like some a bit odd. I think that is what makesher sexy.