Feya’s Naked News Audition

As mentioned here before, to date, Lily Kwan and Yukiko Kimura (both apparently no longer with the show) have been the most notable Asian ladies to have been Naked News anchorwomen. However, they haven’t been the only Asian ladies to have auditioned to become in-the-buff broadcasters.

A few other Asian hopefuls have tried out for the nude news team but just didn’t make the cut. One of whom was Feya, who, despite her cute looks and warm personality, had a thick accent that might have been a little too thick for some to get past, such as Whitney St. John, who mentions it as she and Peyton Priestly introduce Feya’s above audition video from a few years back.

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  1. Avatar of Tbone

    Gawd, I know that accent, love it.

    Nice pussy, too bad she didn’t get chosen.

  2. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    In regards to the news-reading I hope she has a plan B. Cute girl but not much in the way of curves.

  3. Avatar of smellykev

    Yup. Definitely have yellow fever. The two ditzy blondes wouldn’t get a look in if Feya was around. Even if they promised not to talk. Sorry american ladies but your accent is NOT appealing. Feta is not really siren material but certainly cute enough. I wouldnt say no….

  4. John Smith’s avatar

    Soooo cute, I love her accent I would hire her. Where can I apply for the job of screening applicants to Naked News?

  5. MaJieMao’s avatar

    Not really a siren, I’ve never been a fan of naked news anyhow.

  6. Avatar of daznlover

    In this case, I’m glad she didn’t make it.
    I enjoy actually being able to understand the news… :)

    Props for the belly dancing, though. She may have something there.