Metal Miki

She’s a Miki, and she’s made of Metal.

Metal Miki (麻豆米奇, sometimes Miqi Song) is a 5′ tall robot, voiced by Johnny Edwards and the name of a popular children’s TV show in the UK. In contrast Metal Mickey is a 5′ tall pouty pocket rocket of condensed milk/fun.

Actually, I’m not completely sure she is 5′. But she certainly looks fun. Very little info out there. Her name makes searching very difficult. She seemed to somehow disappear completely from the internet a year or so back. Quite an accomplishment.

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  1. Avatar of arf

    She’s pretty magnificent!

  2. MaJieMao’s avatar

    Me Likey Little Mickey!

  3. draco’s avatar

    Another playboy model in the making.

  4. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    That last pic seals it!

  5. IeatCows’s avatar

    Tight package. Me likes :)

  6. Avatar of Luke

    I loved that TV show, strange fact I believe a ‘metal Mickey’ was a term for a dildo at the time and it was an inside joke when naming the character. This Mickey is gorgeous :-)

  7. John Smith’s avatar

    smoken hot

  8. Avatar of Tbone

    Tasty little spinner

  9. Avatar of smellykev

    Now THAT is a gap between the thighs………..

  10. Avatar of French

    @smellykev: kroos speaks the truth….never seen a “thigh gap” that wide before.

    Having said that….WOW. This gal looks like you could take her to a nice place or a cheap “no-tell motel” and either way, she would be happy. Or at least I would be happy.

  11. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    French wrote:
    @smellykev: kroos speaks the truth….never seen a “thigh gap” that wide before.

    I don’t know about that actually—I think it’s just the pose. Check out the 3rd and 10th photos, for example.

  12. Avatar of Ricky269

    Love the fir piece and the long hair.

  13. Avatar of Luke

    Is there any other photos? She is fantastic!

  14. Avatar of meh1001

    155.9 MB on disk, for 1,700 items

    Not many other nudes though, only a few and they are missing her head or are very dark.

    She did some body art modelling, very explicit photos, but the website is now defunct and at the time it was private so I could not download the data. I hoped it might turn up somewhere else, but it never did.

  15. Avatar of Luke


    Damn, there’s a challenge. I bet some Chinese official has them safely stored away as evidence of dissidence. Now if one of you guys in China could just…

  16. gunnar’s avatar

    not a very pretty face… and while looking at her i feel like a paedo. no thanks.