Jazel Hwei Chen Lim

Jazel Lim is a model from Malaysia who does a lot of car shows and the like…

She describes her heritage as a mix of Chinese, Filipino and Spanish, and the results speak for themselves. A super sexy girl with a cheeky smile. She seems to really like coloured contact lenses and is obsessed with the colour purple (a danger sign IMO), but with those feline features and dimples I’m sure you can forgive her. ;)

Height: 5’4″/163cm
Weight: 46kg/101lbs
Bust: 34″/86cm (B)
Waist: 26″/66cm
Hips: 37″/94cm

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  1. David’s avatar

    Since some are rating on a “Siren” scale I will take a shot.

    Hotter that any girl I’ve ever dated: YES.
    Less ink than a Rand McNally road atlas: YES.
    Would I kick her out of the pup tent on bivouac: NO.
    Does she smile like she enjoys life: YES.
    Legs better than 80% of women on the street: YES.
    Does she show the aforementioned legs: YES.

    Jazel=Siren. :)

  2. Bill’s avatar

    Interesting little package

  3. Avatar of French

    @Luke: You were not kidding about the feline features….Holy Wow this woman has cat eyes! I hope she purrs too.

    Perfect nose, eyes, and philtrum. I have yet to look at the rest of her.

    Here kitty kitty kitty.

    Smokin’ hot.

  4. Avatar of arf

    OMgoodness!….I dang near let out a little roar when I saw her just now. She is one hot purrdy girl.

  5. ProfAbe’s avatar

    Her hair colorist must have a nice vacation home.

  6. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Not a fan of colored contacts but she is a fine looking woman.

  7. Avatar of Tbone

    Not naked enough for me

  8. John Smith’s avatar

    That is a hot bod!! Her ass is just remarkable and I really like her smile. I bet she can see in almost total darkness.

  9. MaJieMao’s avatar

    She does have a very unique look, a bit spooky, but I like different I rate a siren.

  10. Fozworth’s avatar


    LOL! :-)

  11. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I like David’s rating system better than LoveAsianWomen’s too. :)

  12. Avatar of wingsfan19


    Haha, I agree and I don’t mind most of them except the reddish/auburn look.