Saki Kouzai 香西咲

Saki Kouzai (香西咲) is a queen of the races.

Presumably she stands on the balcony and waves majestically at the passing racers, attends to the matters of state for the country of ‘The Races’. (I think that’s in the Bahamas somewhere, although it could be near Indonesia. There are so many islands down there I can’t remember all of their names, although I did once get one in a quiz. Although it turned out to be the wrong island. And I lost the quiz too. Not sure what that means really.) Queen Saki VIII welcomes dignitaries from overseas, wines and dines them, charms them with her sparkling eys and glittering personality. Then as queen she has the head cut off from the driver who comes last. Something like that anyway.

Check out her racing portfolio here, here and here. Crikey she looks good in heat resistant racing leathers!

Most importantly she later defected to the island of JAV! All hail our naked overlords, here and here. Official blog here.

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  1. John Smith’s avatar

    Thumbs up, love the classic beauty of her facial features and the cute pokies.

  2. ThorZien’s avatar

    I dunno. While Saki’s pretty, she doesn’t have the waist to hip ratio that we all like – maybe it’s because she’s so short.

  3. Avatar of arf

    Once again, beautiful legs and lovely derriere…and the way she looks in the first and fourth shot wearing that blue race outfit is just Excellent. Her hair especially.

  4. Avatar of ......

    I know she isn’t that old or anything but she has a hot milfy look to her imo.

  5. Avatar of Romanticwarrior


    Yeah, it’s the lack of curves that’s stopping me from giving her higher marks. Still attractive though.

  6. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Very attractive. I like her face.

    Yes, even though her curves aren’t outstanding – she’s still fit and has a nice body.

  7. MaJieMao’s avatar

    Again lovely, but rather average in the siren scheme of things.

  8. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    A few photos better than others, but she just doesn’t do “it” for me.

  9. Avatar of Tbone

    Nice body but the face is not ‘my type.’

  10. James’s avatar

    interesting nipples haha

  11. Avatar of Glenn-Lee

    She’s pretty and seems fit but Saki’s lacking what the Japanese would term as “kubire”(inward dip at the waist or small waist fetish).

  12. Avatar of wingsfan19

    ThorZien wrote:
    I dunno. While Saki’s pretty, she doesn’t have the waist to hip ratio that we all like – maybe it’s because she’s so short.

    I volunteer to measure her waist to hip/ratio. Although it may take me several tries to get it right, but practice makes perfect.

  13. gunnar’s avatar

    mmmh, no, thanks.

  14. Avatar of Bourbaki

    She wouldnt have made the cut to “fast and furious Tokyo drift”

  15. m1n1s1n’s avatar

    Zero curve, she is straight down like Cameron Diaz, no interest