‘Miss Vietnam’

No not a Miss Universe style Miss Vietnam, here we have from Oklahoma City, Miss Vietnam/MissxVietnam, model/social-media/cam girl. Suggested by Billy, I hope you have a helmet Sir…

Undoubtedly a model that will divide opinion, Miss Vietnam is proud of her heritage—it’s tattooed across her back! She is a prolific self photographer and posts lots of pics on her Twitter and Instagram pages, and advertises her webcam shows there (although the link only took me to the homepage so you may need to time it right). She “would like to have some kind of doctor or PhD degree in health”, and you can buy her presents here—good luck with that. In the meantime I will keep enjoying her pics as I think she is very pretty and sexy. Thanks Billy :)


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  1. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    As possibly one of the world’s most ardent admirers of Vietnamese women, I have to say that I find this girl calling herself ‘Miss Vietnam’ (as if to say she is the epitome of Vietnamese beauty or something when she most certainly isn’t) offensive. I won’t say what Miss I think she should call herself (or I might have to ban myself), but suffice it to say that with a handle like that, she’s asking for trouble. In spite of all that though, she’s still fairly pretty.

  2. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    She is, with tats, more Japanese, as in “Zero”.

  3. gunnar’s avatar

    ok body, don’t like her face. overall i agree with the doc…

  4. Avatar of smellykev

    12th photo me pause for thought for a few seconds… “hhhhmmmmm she’s got three sets of lips”.

    Unfortunately however, I’m going to have to turn her down as well. Quite possibly a sensationally cute hottie in her natural original state, but what she’s done to herself is the equivalent of putting handlebar tassels and Hello Kitty stickers on a ducati.

  5. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Agree with the Doc.

    The tattoo’s are distracting from her cute face. I do like that her body seems natural and not enhanced.
    She has the squatty look that I find less attractive…..still thinking about Jile Cai.

  6. Avatar of egg

    I think she’s pretty hot! Looks like the parts are all natural, and I’m a sucker for dye jobs like that. And best of all she looks like she’s a lot of fun! She seems to be enjoying herself, unlike some other models we’ve seen who appear afraid to smile. She’s a great pick!

  7. Avatar of noddle

    Cute girl but she done gone and gotten herself a case of the Miley Cyrus wackies.

  8. Avatar of Luke

    I would watch her cam shows ;)
    I think she has a nice face, it would be nice if her legs were longer.

  9. Avatar of French

    She is good at marketing….

  10. Avatar of arf

    Of course I find her attractive…tattoos and the squatty look. I’m a sucker for a good squatting.

  11. Billy’s avatar

    Anytime :D We all enjoy looking at the beautiful things in this world :)

  12. MaJieMao’s avatar

    Tats are too much and too horrible for me to notice any attractive qualities in this girl.

  13. Avatar of taipan

    Well, having just spent the afternoon in my city’s version of “Vietnamtown”, I can say I was lucky enough to spot a couple of Vietnamese women more attractive than this model. Sure, the women I saw were fully clothed, but I’ve got a pretty good imagination and combined with their beautiful smiling faces, they made my afternoon! I’m afraid I do not have any photographic evidence to share with you and so you’ll just have to take my word for it :-)

    Pic 8 is terrible. Bad lighting, bad costume – making her body look squatter than it actually is, and there is a protuberance in her crotch which raises some questions…, bad crop and stupid pose. The other pics, even the candid ones, show there is some potential here. Personally, I think her eyes are too far apart which I never find attractive in any model, and this is more prominent in some photos than others. The fact that she is proud enough of her ethnicity to want to make a statement of it in ink is perhaps worthy of a some applause. But that’s practically a billboard she’s sporting and way out of balance for the small canvas that her back provides.

  14. Avatar of wylde8

    It goes without saying that I hate the tats, especially the one that almost ruins what is a pretty cute butt, but overall I still like the girl. She seems like a sexy little package that would be a lot of fun.

  15. Avatar of ......

    not classically beautiful imo but still has some sex appeal

  16. Avatar of wingsfan19


    LOL @small canvas comment. I don’t think I’d buy her any presents.

  17. Tbone’s avatar

    Kind of has that Asa Akira vibe.

    Very cute and nice, natural body.

    Don’t mind the tats much, as always if it came down to no implants or tats, I’d go with no implants all the way.

  18. john smith’s avatar

    While she is attractive, I would say not my type.

  19. Avatar of daznlover

    Can’t find her on the cam website…
    She looks sexy, and will be successful on cam if she has an interesting personality.
    Her name can actually help her, by creating a stir…

  20. Avatar of slickahhughs

    If i met her do you think i would want to quote form what was written above?? Like i wouldnt offer up a weeks wages to get more friendly because she has a tattoo i dont like Really? I think she is the cats meow . For that matter i think that about any fit women . my 2 cents