Zhong Xiaohong

I suspect Zhong Xiaohong (钟晓红) may be divisive amongst the Asian Sirens readership. But let’s try eh? Ms. Zhong is lovely, elegant and definitely fits the template that I suspect Chinese men go wild for. I think she’s awesome. You may well disagree!

Ms. Zhong is a Moko model and QQ blogger. Like a lot of Chinese models information is hard to get if you can’t read Chinese (I can’t), but she’s quite tall at 171 cm (5ft 7in).

Here are a few extra galleries for your delectation: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

If you haven’t already noticed by now, she likes taking photos of herself. A lot. In fact I had quite a lot of trouble finding a good cover image that wasn’t self-taken.

Narcissism can be a marvellous thing.

Occasionally she gets wet and seems to accidentally forget all of her clothes.


You can find more nudes here

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  1. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Well I like her, but then I’ve often found my taste is more in line with Asians than white guys. I’ve found that Asian girls like that I have the same taste as them too. :-)

  2. Avatar of egg

    I agree with the Doc…nice looking. She needs to learn to look up rather than at the camera when self shooting. And I hope her memory doesn’t improve. I like when she forgets her clothes… :-)

  3. Kayoss’s avatar

    Why the hell is she always with a camera? The only thing missing is the peace sign or the duck face.

  4. Avatar of Luke

    Kudos to meh1001, I like you nudity policy. I like this girls nipples :-)

  5. Avatar of arf

    She’s just so long and slender and delicious. Agree with Luke on her beautiful nipples.

  6. Avatar of smellykev

    If there was ever any doubt about her “asianness”, the camera/phone/selfie obsession certainly clarifies it. Next time i go to China I’m going to wrap myself in shiny aluminium foil and dangle flashing lights and little mirrors from all over my body, and just watch the stampede of pretty young things racing towards me.

    Unfortunately, the phone obsession also turns me off. Memories of a Chinese girlfriend who just couldn’t put the damn thing away. I do love however the little shy tuft of fuzzy hair in the 11th pic.

  7. Bill’s avatar

    Pretty girl. But I wonder how many of those pictures are just staged to look like they are self taken. Most of them look to perfectly composed to be a phone or ordinary point and shoot camera. I could be mistaken.

  8. Avatar of meh1001

    Bill: Not impossible, but some of that is me as I am choosing the in focus reasonably well composed shots.

    Luke: “I like your nudity policy” hehehehehe

    smellykev: Name a time. I’ll join you!

  9. Avatar of smellykev

    I don’t think you’d be my type meh1001. But i guess it’s possible you could be a hot asian lady just on here for the fun of it… :-)

  10. Avatar of The-Dean

    I think she’s terrific. More traditionally East Asian looking than some of the recent entries–I like that. But then again I like looking at all beautiful women.

    She looks a bit familiar, though. Was she featured in the past by another name, perhaps?

  11. Avatar of meh1001

    smellykev: Awww (Im not a hot Asian chick, sorry, although wouldn’t that be so cool!), I was intending to help you hold the mirrors.

    The-Dean: Yes, I also like the East Asian types the best. I am busy trying to bring balance to the Force here at Asian Sirens, which has previously been a little more SEAsian (not that that is a bad thing at all!).

  12. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    You can be certain Kev knew what you meant—he was just, as we say down here in oz, taking the piss. :-)

    Another vote for east Asian girls here.

  13. Avatar of oigg

    Definitely one of my recent favorites! Though SE Asians are always high on my list too :)

  14. gunnar’s avatar

    not bad! not the prettiest girl around but she has something… she’s very thin though, and her face is not the kind i prefer…

    meh1001, if you need assistance, i read/write chinese, so feel free to ask!

  15. Avatar of smellykev

    Great!!! Meh and me will wear the aluminium foil suits and Gunnar can do the translating!!! I speak some chinese, but only only enough to have the conversation come to a grinding halt after establishing their names, age, and if they’d like a beer.

    I’ll go now to buy alfoil and book three tickets…

  16. Yankee15’s avatar

    Anyone notice the C-section scar right above her pubis?

  17. Avatar of Johnnie

    Don’t like the frizzy hair. Seems to need a lot of work before she is photogenic.

  18. Avatar of Niners

    Another made in China. The best.

  19. Chris’s avatar

    Google translate link number 4 and you will have all the details that you require.