Sammy Stone

As a young(er) man, some of my favourite magazines (Penthouse, Hustler, Men Only) featured the gorgeous Sammy. She mixed her beautiful looks with many slutty poses and captured my heart. She was from memory always described as Asian at the time, but since then I have found many sites listing her as Latino (forgive me if the latter is true). Whatever the case, she was one of the greater influences in leading me to the wonders of Asian beauties. Her star seemed to blaze in the mid to late ’90′s, and just as quickly faded away…

Aliases: Sandra, Sandy, Jade
Location: Wailea, Hawaii
Birthday: 1978-08-19
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 122lbs
Measurements: 34B-??-??

some of these come with a warning…
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  1. Avatar of d8nvn

    Wow! What a perfect face. No problem with the rest of her either.

  2. Avatar of arf

    Nice! She has a sexy latina look to her I think. Very sexy.

  3. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Beautiful! I like her body – Natural!

    Some of the pics are dated 2003.
    I bet she is still gorgeous, 10 years later.

  4. Avatar of Luke

    I have often wondered about her sudden disappearance, I’m sure she is still hot.

  5. Avatar of Basho

    Yes. A stunner. Maybe it would be a nice idea to feature favourite models from a particular era. 1995 was a good one for me

  6. Avatar of Luke

    Basho wrote:
    Yes. A stunner. Maybe it would be a nice idea to feature favourite models from a particular era. 1995 was a good one for me

    If you suggest a particular girl (with links if you can) I’m happy to have a look. You can use the suggest post link above. I like the idea of ‘retro’ sirens getting a run.

  7. gunnar’s avatar

    nice!! me likes :)

  8. Avatar of wylde8

    I don’t remember this girl from back in the day, but she’s stood the test of time, and I may have to check out her body of work now.

  9. Avatar of The-Dean

    Just great. Great smile, perfect legs, ass, etc. Love the taught natural body.

  10. Avatar of smellykev

    i would love to eat jelly beans off her bottom. (not from her bottom…. that would be going a bit too far….. but just off her bottom would be great. very very cute posterior and the rest as well).

  11. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I really do wonder about you sometimes Kev… :-)

  12. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Now this is a gorgeous woman! I would love to see current pictures of her, I’m thinking she will age well.

  13. TheOwl’s avatar

    Wow, she’s wonderful, what a face.

    Just like Luke, I remember seeing this girl in Penthouse or something similar, and she had the same effect on me than that she’s having now!

    True beauty is timeless.

  14. Shane’s avatar

    Owww Miss Sammy Stone, I still remember her from back in the day in Australian Penthouse from 1998. I managed to find a back issue on ebay with her. She was one of the first women to give me such a hard-on it started to hurt!