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    kimo_010 thought we should give a Akari a looksee.

    !–more–Akari first appeared back in 2017 and has put out over 400 releases in the last five years. Kimo told us that in an interview Akari mentioned she […]

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    Joan is a cosmetic nurse.

    !–more–When she’s not bopping around in a bikini (for which we are eternally grateful), she’s attending to folks’ beauty, cosmetic and personal care needs. If you need some […]

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    Carolyn is big into fitness.

    !–more–She’s a bikini fitness competitor, she’s modeled swimwear and lingerie in magazines, she’s a certified yoga and fitness instructor, and if that’s not enough for you, […]

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    This isn’t your father’s Mowgli.

    !–more–Rudyard’s either.

    We’re not sure why this siren goes by that moniker. She was found on a Thai girls Instagram page so that’s what we’ll go with, and we reckon […]

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    chhnangx or ‘T’ goes by several different monikers.

    !–more–jvsim and Mistress Myka are couple of the others. We believe she lives in Canada, but we aren’t sure of her ethnicity. It looks like some members […]

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    Seoul.music thought it had been too long since we featured a Kyrgyzstan siren.

    !–more–Equity demands that we do so now.

    Most people with this name seem to come from Azerbaijan. We know most of you […]

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    A suggestion from Tbone.

    !–more–19-year-old Yuna is beautiful. Really beautiful. Of course she’s a model, but we don’t know if we would put her in the gravure category. At least not yet. Her photos aren’t […]

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    Aly is another of our beautiful Thai sirens.

    !–more–From what we could glean, we suspect Aly is in her mid-20s. We poked around looking through her photos hoping some captions might clue us in on her, but […]

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    This is Fam.

    !–more–Fam works out of Phuket and Bangkok, but is actually from the Philippines. In addition to her modeling, she’s also a fashion designer and steps behind the camera from time to time. A […]

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    Yui is a Tokyo born AV Idol.

    !–more–She shares her name with another AV Idol who’s a few years younger and was shown just last month. This Yui is more compelling for two reasons. You’ll have to guess what […]

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    Just a lovely, fresh faced young woman.

    !–more–27-year-old Catherine Wong (Catherine Huang Haoxin) is a fitness model who also works in finance. Living in Hong Kong now, Catherine kind of unexpectedly got […]

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    It’s a bummer when you can’t find information on a super hot siren.

    !–more–We don’t know a damn thing about Jasmine. We clicked around for a while, hoped for something accompanying her Instagram photos […]

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    Meru has a different kind of look to her.

    !–more–We saw her listed in some places as an AV idol with a few titles under her belt, but after closer inspection it appears it was just another girl with that […]

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    Cho does a lot of cam work.

    !–more–If you wondered how many cam girls have Masters degrees the answer would probably be not many, but Cho does. She studied communication arts at Uni and we guess it’s paid […]

  • muddypig8 wrote:
    a smaller ass than I’d like…

    What do you have, an ass fetish! ;)

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    Emily is a mix of Taiwanese and Malaysian.

    !–more–She pushes a goodly amount of product on Instagram and her Facebook and has a clothing line as well. Emily is a good-looking woman and manages to throttle […]

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    Mae is a request by past poster Travis Stoup.

    !–more–Formerly known as ‘Queen Kasumi’, she’s just good old Mae now (born 1996/8/2). And she is good. We don’t recall where we saw it, but we believe Mae is […]

  • ThumbnailTar also goes by ‘busty cheetah’.

    !–more–She had an Onlyfans page under that name and it said “love me or just eat me”. Can’t we do both?

    That page seems to be gone. We guess it’s safe to say Tar monetizes […]

  • They do have nice asses but are a bit of a turn off personally. Even the little things like the fiveheads.

  • Ma Jie Mao,

    We take the Vietnamese flag on her Instagram and #vietnamese on her tiktok to mean she’s Viet.

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    Probably not the type of girls you’d bring home to mom.

    !–more–If you do a deeper dive than we provide here you’ll see what we mean.

    If you were to guess their background, Indonesian probably wouldn’t […]

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    This is Jana.

    !–more–She claims to be soulful, and we’ll take her at her word. She’s certainly beautiful, with a delightful skin tone and hair you could run your fingers through for hours at a time. […]

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    We believe this siren’s name is Kim Geung-Jeong.

    !–more–She spends a good deal of her time on a pole (watch it you dirty guys!). It’s probably strictly for exercise, because she seems to be out and about […]

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    Tbone stumbled into Natsumi.

    !–more–Damn fine stumble.

    Although Tbone described her in his suggestion as just a random Instagramer, we think she’s anything but random. Probably best described as […]

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