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    This siren is not just so-so.

    !–more–We think she’s hot! SeoulMusic ran across her and felt she merited a suggestion. He was correct. Although we don’t have any information other than that Soso is […]

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    Matsuri was a member of her high school basketball team.

    !–more–That must have been painful if not downright dangerous.

    This mamnificent cutie started her AV career back in 2016, and even made an […]

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    Her name threw us off a bit.

    !–more–When we first saw the name Vasconcelos we thought maybe Filipina? But no, apparently Thai. Our Sunny is a beautiful young woman with that sun kissed skin tone that we […]

  • Romanticwarrior replied to the topic indo girls in the forum Request Feature Article 2 days ago

    Look up Tita Rosita and one of the Islandgirls installments.

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    Anyone who recognized Kayla is a Philippine/Bahamas mix go to the head of the hall.

    !–more–Of course, we spotted it right away. A different jumble of genes than we’re used to seeing here, Kayla, who hails […]

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    Ivee recently graduated nursing school.

    !–more–Then she has to take the NCLEX, which tests the competency of nursing school graduates. In addition to that, it appears she’s also doing some modeling, for […]

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    Another sad reminder that nothing lasts forever.

    !–more–Recalling those Halcion days of my youth, well, not exactly my youth but somewhat younger days—when the inter-webs were new and Bluebird and Kuni […]

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    Forget about the Do-Re-Mi, and go straight for the Faa.

    !–more–Faa stresses on her Instagram that she’s a surfer, not a model. I don’t remember seeing any surfboards amongst the photos, but if that’s how […]

  • wingsfan19,

    She plays guitar?

  • Certified fellow Geezer.

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    Suki fled Canada for the US West Coast.

    !–more–She got a one way ticket on an airplane, didn’t have time for a fast train. (Geezers will get the this reference.)

    From Toronto to California… just […]

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    Zehya is Thai.

    !–more–I’ve never seen a last name like hers on a Thai, but I guess there’s a first time for everything. Almost certainly a mix, it’s probably from her father’s side if indeed there’s more […]

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    I’m not sure where I first saw her photo, but after checking the AS archives, Lynn got a mention in the comments on the old site back in 2008.

    !–more–Lynn, AKA Asia Lynn, was mentioned in a post by Robin […]

  • wingsfan19,

    Ding Dong, Ding Dong? 8)

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    We don’t get many sirens of Bangladeshi extraction, so why the hell not?

    !–more–This Bangladeshi comes to us by way of… North Dakota? Yes, North Dakota and its vast Bangladeshi population. It seems Zyah, […]

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    Tiger suggested Jenny.

    !–more–Although I found a few different measurements given in addition to places of birth etc., it’s safe to say that, except for her chest, Jenny is not a big girl. Probably best […]

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    Let me make these two points… ah, what was I saying?

    !–more–Oh yes. A little searching turned up a lot of nothing. Sxorpiton first caught our attention wearing that shirt that let us know it was a cool […]

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    Corrie models out of LA.

    !–more–Certainly a mix of ethnicities, I’ve also seen her listed as a fitness model in addition to the bikini, glam stuff etc. Obviously an extremely attractive woman, who could […]

  • Romanticwarrior wrote a new post, Neeka 2 weeks ago


    Neeka is a Malaysian model and almost certainly has a mixed background.

    !–more–I gave it the old college try in trying to come up with some info, but clicking through a few pages turned up nothing so I […]

  • Pyle,

    You are correct sir!

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    Personally I find Pauline to be one of the cutest sirens we’ve had in a while, or at least the last few days.

    !–more–Firstly, let’s get one thing out of the way. She’s beautiful. On top of that, she’s […]

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    Risa is a JAV girl.

    !–more–Also known as Natsuki Kumada, personally I don’t think there’s anything that really sets her apart from a ton of other JAV girls, other than she’s rather tall. She’s attractive, […]

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    Renée is a first-generation Filipina American and is afflicted with alopecia.

    !–more–That’s a condition that can develop when your immune system gets out of whack and attacks your hair follicles causing […]

  • Romanticwarrior commented on the post, Anna En 2 weeks ago

    Jeebus, you’re right. :oops:

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    This is Filipina beauty queen Kylie Versosa.

    !–more–Kylie (born 1992/2/7) won the Binibining Pilipinas International pageant, which I think is the biggie over there along with Miss International, both […]

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