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Working on one to pay tribute to retired Japan Gravure Idols & current ones.



Seligman Arizona Route 66


I love oriental women.

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Simple things about me that one should know.

1. I love classic Rock & Country from the 50's to the 80's.

2. My favorite bands are Electric Light Orchestra, The Band, Huey Lewis & The News & Night Ranger.

3. I love to collect Japan Gravure Idols.

4. I love to collect Military artifacts for my Military collection.

5. I am very knowledgeable about World War II.

6. I love history & I am learning about Korean War & ancient history about Japan, Korea & China.

7. I have weird fascination for Far East Asia, German Military of World War II, German Secret Weapons of World War II & German Military Commanders of World War II.

8. I love oriental women (and no the word "oriental" is not actually racists because I am referring to certain specific group of people instead of using the word "Asian" one is referring not only to people of Far East Asia but also central Asia and Middle East and in this case I have no love for the Arabs unless they are Kurds. The Kurds are the only Muslim group that I love because they love Americans and not going kill us).

9. For ancestral heritage I have mostly Polish, Prussian/German but also American heritage not to be confused with Native-American when I say American I had a ancestor that lived during late Colonial period who fought in Revolutionary War in the Continental Army and so that makes me American legal immigrant to United States even though half of my father's side his father family is from Poland.

And my Prussian/German and American heritage is also on my father's side his mother family is from Prussia/Germany and United States.

10. Hobbies like I said I collect Japan Gravure Idols, I collect Military artifacts, I play video games, doing models & reading history books especially on World War II despite that I already know too much about the war one can't resist but to read the Greatest Conflict that the world has ever gotten into. Not only that the finest and brilliant commanders that made history came from that war such as Karl Doenitz, Ira C. Eaker, George Patton, Heinz Guderian or Isoroku Yamamoto .

11. My favorite news channel is CGTN (China Global Television Network) *I just don't watch it because they have gorgeous Chinese women and other oriental women but I also like to watch CGTN so I can know what is happening in Far East Asia.*

12. I love quotes & Far Eastern Asian proverbs I try live by them as I go through life.

13. My favorite German Military commanders are Erich von Manstein, Erwin Rommel, Heinz Guderian, Walther Model, Adolf Galland, Karl Doenitz, Gunther Lutjens & Hans Langsdorff.

14. I'm a lycrist songwriter and people that inspired me to become lycrist songwriter are Jeff Lynne, Jim Steinman & Robbie Robertson.

15. My favorite oriental models are: Mirei Kuroda, Hikaru Aoyama, Yuuri Morishita, Asaki Yoshida, Anna Konno, Aya Hazuki, Azusa Yamamoto, Hwang Mi Hee, Shiori Kawana, Waka Inoue, Christine Mendoza, Feng Yu Zhi, Natsu Terashima, Asuka Kinishi, Tomomi Nakagawa, Yoko Matsugane, Harumi Nemoto, Fumie Nakajima, Kazusa Sato, Yuko Aoki, Hiroko Anzai, Naomi Komaki, Mai Nishida, Asana Mamoru, Ayaka Noda, Chiri Arikawa, Agnes Lum, Iijima Naoko, Reiko Kato, Ichiko Sannomiya, Maiko Osawa, Senna Matsuda, Sayuki Matsumoto, Ai Shinozaki, Hikari Gonoi, Hikari Okada, Kaori Ohara, Nonami Takizawa & Nozomi Takeuchi.

16. Some of My favorite songs from Electric Light Orchestra: Eldorado Overture/Can't Get It Out of My Head, Prologue/Twilight, Take Me On and On, So Serious, Blue Bird, Is It Alright, Latitude 88 North (previously unreleased), Sweet As The Night, Another Heart Breaks (instrumental), Rain Is Falling, The Lights Go Down, Here Is the News, 21st Century Man, Hold on Tight and Time After Time.

17. My favorite songs from The Band: Up on Cripple Creek, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, The Weight, I Shall Be Released, It Makes No Difference & The Shape I'm In.

18 . My favorite songs from Jim Steinman sung by Meat Loaf: I'm Gonna Love Her for Both of Us, More Than You Deserve, Dead Ringer for Love and all the songs on Bat Out of Hell and Bat Out of Hell 2 albums.

19. I hate people who use World War I and World War II references (and it is getting old too) such as Jesse Waters or Donald Trump saying "We won World War II." no to correct you its the Allies that won both World Wars because I'm pretty sure America did not whooped Germany ass not once but twice including Italy and Japan ass in World War II unless you can provide evidence that we did and in that case good luck.

Besides only evidence I can help you provide how we actually whooped their asses is when it comes to industry but that's it.

20. For the last I like to think people are smart but every day but I realize people are generally stupid and I hate stupid people!