Lin caught our eye while looking up info on another siren.

Also known as Jiji Shacy, she’s a Taiwanese fitness and leg model and a showgirl. They should throw butt model in there as well because she has a splendid derrière. It looks like she does a bit of cosplay and has appeared on some Chinese entertainment shows. If the translations we saw are anywhere near being right, she’s started a financial management business and studied mechanical and electrical engineering at Uni. Dr. Lee will no doubt admire the abs.

DOB: 1993/11/10
Height: 5’4″ (166 cm)
Weight: 103lbs (47kg)
Measurements: 31-24-33″ (81-61-84cm)




  1. Avatar of Asian_Fap_Box

    The Chun-Li costume gives me the urge to fire up the old Playstation. It also gives me the urge to … well, you know …

  2. muddypig8’s avatar

    Taiwanese for the win. (Alright, i admit, the lovely ass alone qualifies her for admittance to the AS Hall of Fame..)

  3. OMG’s avatar

    Wow! Just wow. Now, if we could get her a better camera.

  4. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    The idea of what those buns of steel could do… :P

  5. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Dr. Lee will no doubt admire the abs.

    Hell yes! That’s a fantastic bod. Not crazy about the nose job though.

  6. Avatar of ssn


    Yeah, nut cracking for sure.

  7. Avatar of Seoul.Music

    I came for the butt and abs, I stayed for the side boob.

  8. Tim’s avatar

    Shouldn’t there be more close-up photos of the leg modeling? Stockings, maybe some nice high high heels with lacing running up the calves? How are we to learn about the finer points? Clearly she puts a lot of work into them. And I regret that I have to agree about the nose job. It gives her face an unusual appearance. Distracts from a really winning smile.

  9. Avatar of DeepSky

    Ms. Lin has a wonderful, fit, toned body, beautiful legs and great abs! Definitely HH worthy!

  10. Avatar of MaJieMao

    The Mai and Chun-Li outfits won me over for sure!

  11. Avatar of Woody-Alien

    I find it kinda funny that Lin Shaoyu cosplayed as Chun-Li but not as Ling Xiaoyu from Tekken. :D

  12. Avatar of arf

    I could seriously sit and watch her all day if she’d let me.

  13. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Dr. Lee,

    She has a nose?

  14. Avatar of Romanticwarrior


    I would make sweet love to her nose. :P