Deepika Padukone

Seoul Music requested DeepIika.

Born in Copenhagen (1986/1/5) Deepika is a Bollywood actress/singer. She recently made the news when an MP threatened to stop the screening of her recent film, because he apparently didn’t like the visuals and costumes in one of the songs. “The outfits that have been worn in the song are objectionable. It is evident that polluted minds are behind filming this song.” This isn’t the first Deepika has courted controversy. In 2011 she had a song in which the sexual content was enough to apparently warrant a court case for indecency.



  1. Bob Cullum’s avatar

    She seems quite decent to me!!!

  2. DW’s avatar

    I agree. She’s beautiful.

  3. Avatar of MaJieMao

    She has a bit of those Amanda Seyfried eyes, hence she likes the angle shot.

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    Ma Jie Mao,

    “She’s Got Amanda Seyfried Eyes.” Could be a song there.