Candy Le (Ccandyyle)

Dr. Lee spotted Ms. Candy.

Looking to be one of our younger sirens, there’s no info to be had on this confection. Nothing is given up on the blurbs accompanying her pictures on Instagram, although they may point to Florida as her location that’s just a guess. Although we’ll file her under “model” she seems more of just a hot chick that posts on Instagram and Tiktok.



  1. DW’s avatar

    You have no information on her and she looks very young. Are you sure she’s even 18?

    I probably would have passed on posting this one.

  2. Avatar of MaJieMao

    She is very young but I would expect 18 by these photos, not much into these young girls.

  3. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    I feel RW’s photo selection doesn’t focus enough on her spectacular waist and abs, which is what really makes her stand out for me. Given her promotion by Asian women on Instagram compilation pages, I am quite sure she is 18 plus.